Health Troughers blinded by plain packaging

It’s the beginning of the year and the troughers are back at it, moaning about wanting more action on Maori smoking.

It seems my good friend and exposed serial trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook is back out of his box, complaining about the Government not doing enough.

Shane Kawenata Bradbrook is well known to this blog, after being exposed for spending up large on the taxpayer with little observable results. After a Ministry of Health investigation into his Te Reo Marama rort, his overseas jaunts came to a spectacular end when their $250,000 annual funding was axed.

Now it seems he?s back, this time under a new guise of Te Ao Hurihuri. Let?s see how that works out for him.

One thing Shane Kawenata Bradbrook won?t be keen on Maori hearing or reading is a blog post titled ?The Relentless Failure of Plain Packaging?. ?

He will just hate seeing this 2:15m video ?The Truth about plain packaging ? the 3.4% myth?.

For that reason I?ve put it here for Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and other health troughers from the Otago Department of Troughers in Wellington for their viewing pleasure.

Perhaps if the?minister responsible could actually bother to understand facts rather than listen to the emotional clap-trap of the Health Troughers…