Here’s something you didn’t need to know


Ignoring the mind-searing stupidity of the proposed situation, media are doing articles on what you rather leave behind if you only had space for one of those items.

If we had space for only one thing on a trip, most of us would rather bring our smartphone than our toothbrushes, deodorant, or even our driver’s licenses.

According to a?global study from travel site Expedia conducted by Northstar, 66 per cent of travellers said they consider their smartphones the most essential travel item.

Meanwhile, 51 per cent of travellers around the world said their toothbrush is the most essential, and only 23 per cent said deodorant was an essential travel item.

The main reason we want to make sure to bring our smartphones while we travel is to stay connected to the internet, with 84 per cent of travellers saying they want “information [they] may need while travelling.”

Yes, and you can buy a toothbrush and deodorant as soon as you get there. But I thought this may be a fun game if we make it a little more extreme. Like, if you could only take one of: your best mate, your wife or your mistress, who would you take and why?

Or, if you could only bring a Whaleoil polo, undies or a camera, which would you take and why?

Go on, be creative, and let’s help the media with some serious challenges as to what to leave behind when you go on holiday.


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