If you’re drunk at your job, would you be fired?

What if you were responsible for other people’s lives? ?Do you think a fine is sufficient?

An Auckland taxi driver has been fined for drink driving after being stopped at a police checkpoint last night.

The driver could now be suspended from his job, while his passengers had to rely on the police to give them a lift.

When you hop into a cab you expect to get to your destination without any disruptions.

But three people heading into Auckland City to celebrate last night got a shock when their taxi was stopped at a checkpoint and they soon found out their driver had been celebrating himself.

“It is a concern that a taxi is carrying passengers and is over the limit,” says Sergeant Patrick Waters.

The incident has disappointed the Taxi Federation.

“It’s not good news when this happens,” says executive director of the Taxi Federation, Rodger Heale. “The Federation has a zero tolerance policy with respect to drinking and driving. I think everyone who’s in the industry will be disappointed that one individual has caused such a ruckus,” he says.

Affordable Cabs only found out about the incident through 3 News and said the driver could now be disciplined.

“If we catch anyone drink driving, absolutely he’s suspended,” says Affordable Cabs manager Robert Naidu.

You have to love the language.

“If they catch someone” and “could be suspended”.

There are actions or inactions that lead to instant dismissal in most jobs, especially when endangering others.

No matter how disappointed the Taxi Federation is about this incident reflecting on all taxi drivers, it doesn’t provide a lot of confidence that taxi drivers are going to be sober. ?Because,?if they catch them they might do something horrible, like suspend them.


– 3 News