In the interest of “Public Safety”…

Been a while since I’ve shared something from the mailbag

Nothing like 220v ac to warm things up

Hi Cam,

In the interest of “Public Safety”…

(OMG! That sounds UnPC, Nanny state-ness! – Pffttt !) – please read on…
but, is there any chance of getting that video removed from your site?

Playing with electricity is definetly NOT something to be encouraged,
and that’s why in NZ it is a regulated industry. It can KILL people !

Sure it is on YouTube in the public domain, and anyone can access it,
but spreading the information could potentially plant the idea in some
moronic teen to start experimenting …with FATAL CONSEQUENCES
…could you live with that?

Not telling you what to do, just asking you to reassess if it’s responsible,
it’s a Crossroad decision !

Cya. : )

So someone has decided to email me to tell me the 220v video is irresponsible and people might kill themselves.

Good, I say.

They would be in that vast group of stupid people who are too stupid to live.

Where do you sit on this?