Islamic State propaganda is getting media attention

I thought we had agreed not to give it attention?

A newly released propaganda video by Islamic State (IS) features a young boy with a British accent apparently making threats to kill non-Muslims.

It’s the latest in a string of violent videos aimed at the West, and also used as a recruiting tool.

The video also features five men on their knees, with hands tied behind their backs, waiting to be executed.

Believed to be Syrian, they’re accused by IS of being British spies.

The man presenting the unverified video speaks English with a British accent and he has a message for the country’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

He mocks Mr Cameron, calling him an “imbecile”, a “slave of the White House”, and a “mule of the Jews”.

It follows Britain’s decision last month to join coalition airstrikes against IS targets.

If legitimate, it will be the first video to feature an English speaker since Jihadi John ? the British militant believed to have been killed during a US drone strike in November.

And there’s more ? a young boy, dressed in military fatigues, appearing to make threats to kill.

It’s not the first time IS has used children in its propaganda. Last year, it released pictures of a young boy beheading a Syrian army officer.

It is clearly meant to inflame, so I don’t understand why the world media is pushing it. ? We already know IS/ISIS/Daesh are Stone Age throwbacks keen on killing everyone who doesn’t believe their brand of religion, and they’ve been in the box seat for long enough.

Mind you, the world media at large seem to be on the side of IS/ISIS/Daesh. Terrorists are just gunmen, Jihadi spies are immigrants, and we’ve even had to sanitise IS/ISIS because some complain that “Islamic” is unfair in the context of what the media now call Daesh.

Let’s be clear – the people who are raping, keeping sex slaves and beheading innocents are being supported through ruthless sanitation of the message in our general media.


– 3 News