Kauri protest trespasser wants a restorative justice meeting to badger the victims some more

The cheek of some people. The trespassing ratbag wants restorative justice, presumably so he can hector the victims some more.

A man who staged a sit-in protest up a kauri in west Auckland says he hopes the property owner will agree to a restorative justice meeting.

Arborist Johno Smith pleaded guilty in the Waitakere District Court this morning to trespass.

The 32-year-old arborist spent nearly two weeks up the kauri in Titirangi last month, in an effort to stop it being cut down.

An injunction to stop development on the site remains in place until an appeal against resource consent is heard next month.

He climbed down after it was ring-barked. ??

Smith said he hoped to meet with the owner ahead of his sentencing in March.

“He’s never actually turned up to (the) site, he’s never really contacted anyone in the community,” Smith said.

“I would like to be able to express the reasons why I was there and the concerns that the community have with the way that he’s gone about developing the site.”

Why should he? It’s his tree, on his land. He doesn’t have to consult with anyone. He has a permit to cut it down. He doesn’t need to talk to anyone.

There is no obligation for the victim to participate in restorative justice. Perhaps they should offer Johno Smith the chance to buy a vowel.



– Radio NZ