Parents who can’t keep their kids from getting sunburnt want you to pay for shade



A Kiwi mother has started a petition asking for more shade at playgrounds, and the campaign has gained momentum among parents.

Happy Mum Happy Child blogger Maria Foy says she was inspired to start the petition on after a “rant” on her blog was well received.

“We want to prevent cancer, and suffering. So along with the mandatory slip, slop, slap – coverage at our playgrounds should be a must,” Ms Foy says.

The petition has over 1500 supporters so far.

“A lot of parents do not take their children to playgrounds because it is either too hot, there is no shade, or the equipment is scorching,'” she says.

Hundreds of comments on the petition website and her blog’s Facebook have echoed Ms Foy’s concerns, with one Facebook user calling out the brand new Margaret Mahy playground in Christchurch for having no shaded areas.

Ms Foy plans to tackle the Auckland area first, then she wants to take the initiative nationwide.

So they essentially want indoor playgrounds, indoor parks and indoor walks.

And the good bit is that you, the taxpayer and ratepayer, need to pay for it.


– 3 News