Perhaps this should be the standard defence technique for any kind of attack?

What do Michelle Boag, Martyn Bradbury, John Hopoate and this man all have in common?

The desperate actions of a man who poked a finger into the bum of an attacking dog may have saved Phillip McLean’s leg.

McLean’s daytrip to Palmerston North turned into more than a week lying in a hospital bed after he was set upon by a pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross.

The Hunterville man was visiting a friend on Terrace Street, near Palmerston North Hospital, last Wednesday when he heard growling.

A pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross, allegedly let out from a nearby block of flats, had its paws up on McLean’s vehicle and was in the middle of a growling match with his dog, a rottweiler, who he had left in the car with the window partially down.  

McLean managed to get the two dogs separated, but thepitbull then latched onto his leg and refused to let go.

McLean said the pain was “unbearable” as the dog pulled off a big chunk of meat from his thigh, then went back in for his calf.

He tried to open the dog’s clamped mouth, tried shaking it and eye-gouging it, but the dog would not budge.

“At that stage, I dropped to the ground and it dragged me a couple metres down the road.”

Another man heard the commotion, grabbed the dog by the hind legs and tried to pull it off the injured man.

In a random act of desperation, he stuck his finger in the dog’s bum, prompting it to loosen its hold.

“Four or five people jumped on it and that’s when I got away.”

The good ole poo-finger; a political strategy employed by Michelle Boag and Martyn Bradbury and, of course, used in Rugby League by John Hopoate.


– Manawatu Standard


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  • Nige.

    I seriously wonder if the man “inserted” his finger or if he had to “make it hurt”.

    • Another quality comment from Nike, following a quality piece by Cam. How we ever got to 100,000,000 pageviews is beyond me.

      • Nige.

        Well, its important to know these details.

        You wouldn’t want to take the advice lightly.

  • Tom

    A neopolitan mastiff cross anything is a serious bit of kit.

  • duve

    I have heard that if you come across a dog attacking someone, you can kill it by wrenching its hind legs apart as forcibly as possible. Apparently its supposed to sever a major blood vessel in the pelvis. I don’t know if it’s true, and hope I never have to find out.

    • ridsel

      I believe it is true, but haven’t had opportunity to gather primary data.

    • XCIA

      If it jumps/lunges at you, grab its front paws and spread them out (keeping your face out of the way), that should stop the heart.

    • johnandali

      I was taught to wrench its forelegs apart as forcibly as possible. This apparently breaks the ribs and kills the dog almost instantly. Thankfully I have never been in a situation of trying it out.

    • Probably work on a poodle.
      The reality is that if a viscous dog attacks you the only response is a counter attack and don’t get to clever about it.

      Noise yelling aggression violence and total domination. Wave your arms kick your feet keep moving and keep looking it in the eyes as you yell and scream at it.

      Dogs are nowhere near as smart as most people try to give them credit for and like all pack animals including humans will back down real quick if they think their intended victim isn’t intimidated.

      I’m an ex farm boy. I’ve trained farm and hunting dogs.

  • Chris EM

    My Lab was attacked by a vicious mongrel some years ago, had her by the skin on her neck. I punched this thing in the head so hard my knuckles were bruised and bleeding afterwards. Dog wouldn’t let go. I sunk my middle and forefinger into it’s eye sockets up to the second joint, and wiggled them backwards and forwards against the eyeballs, still nothing. Next I tried the finger in the poo hole, that didn’t work, but lifting it off the ground by it’s tail did the trick. Screamed like a stuck pig it did. If ever I’m in that situation again, I’ll go straight for the tail.

  • Lux

    Lots of good advice here about dog attacks, we had a dog go wild in our street a few years ago and it attacked about 10 people before being caught.

    I was woken by a woman screaming outside my window, while being bitten, It is a sound I will never forget. Luckily we were able to get her inside while someone threw something at the dog. It was a huge mother.

    The police arrived in minutes.. lots of them.. they combed the street, got it and it was put down.

    It always makes me think twice when walking in our street now, where I would go for cover if a similar attack happened.

  • rexabus

    “They don’t like it up em” ,or otherwise grab a male dogs testicles and twist/yank/ punch or just pull the bloody things off to one way or another make sure he feels it. I know someone who did that when a much larger dog was mauling his dog – applied a good hard wrench on the offenders balls and the results were instantaneous he reckoned. I guess it’s the other method with the lady dogs