Pope tells Europe to take refugees because, you know, the Vatican is taking none

Once again we see the leader of a major church, the Pope in this case, telling everyone to do something that he won’t do himself.

The migrant crisis engulfing Europe poses a big challenge to Europe’s values and traditions but the continent should be able to integrate the newcomers without undermining the safety of its citizens, Pope Francis says.

More than one million people sought refuge in Europe last year, many of them fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq.

A majority of the migrants are Muslims and Europeans are worried about how to integrate them, especially since the November 13 attacks by Islamist militants in Paris that killed 130 people. ? ?

“The present wave of migration seems to be undermining the foundations of that humanistic spirit which Europe has always loved and defended,” the pope said in an annual address to diplomats at the Vatican City on Monday (local time), adding that he hoped countries would prove capable of welcoming the refugees.

“Europe, aided by its great cultural and religious heritage, has the means to defend the centrality of the human person and to find the right balance between its two-fold moral responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens and to ensure assistance and acceptance to migrants.”

The question of integration has dominated news headlines in the first two weeks of 2016 after assaults on women who had been celebrating New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne.

I doubt the Pope could ensure the safety of immigrant boys if they were domiciled in the Vatican.

The point is this…these wombles and do-gooders were all warned, and they ignored those who did the warning. Worse, they abused them, calling them racists and intolerant. Well history has proved those who warned were right and the wombles and do-gooders were wrong.

The Pope should practise what he preaches…literally..let’s see the?Vatican take in 100,000?refugees.

?- 3News