Why Dotcom never expected to win

Whaleoil reader and commenter Jimmy has gone where others don’t dare and read the actual judgement for us.

Well, my light and fluffy reading over Christmas was to chew my way through the Judicial Judgement relating to Dotcom.

I admit to falling asleep a couple of times but I managed to get through it all.

Points which stand out:

1 In most judicial decisions you tend to get the Judge summing up the evidence offered by both sides then they discuss the finer points of the law relating to the matter and this leads to a logical judgement in the matter.

2 What is completely lacking is any offered evidence from Dotcom’s lawyers of any evidence which would point to them being innocent (i.e. innocent explanations for all the copyright material on MegaUpload etc.) but there isn’t any.

3 The only focus by the defence is trying to argue for stays based on obscure arguments relating to not being able to pay for foreign experts and grizzling that the time allotted to prepare for the extradition hearing wasn’t long enough.
These were legal fluff batted away easily by the Judge.

4 The extensive list of documented evidence listed in the Applicant’s case that pointed towards Dotcom’s and his mates being guilty of the charges they are being extradited for.

5 It is quite obvious now why Dotcom has fought extradition tooth and nail – he has little show of surviving a Court Trial in the USA if he is going to run the same defence (non existent) as they have at this Extradition Hearing.

I think the appeals will be little more than a formality – the Judge has written a comprehensive and damming Judgement which will bring the Dotcom roadshow to an end.

Mr Dotcom’s only chance was to get a Justice Minister in place who would veto the inevitable extradition order. ?This is why Judith Collins had to be gotten rid of. ?That’s why Collins was subject to an incredible amount of media and political attention that went on for almost eight months without a single break.

That’s why Dotcom paid so much money to try and take down a popular government through the help of Mana and the Labour Party. ? Labour and Dotcom were joined at the hip when it came to the Dirty Politics and anti-John Key attacks.

Good on the New Zealand voter for seeing straight through it.

And so he’s now down to his last “appeal”. ?This can only be on points of law, and can not re-litigate or introduce more “evidence”. ?Although if they don’t try I’ll eat a whole courgette raw. ?(I’m not eating my hat).

Doctom tried to keep the hope alive, but essentially his strategy was to delay, delay and delay some more and then hope for some luck. ? The luck would be to outlast National and have a Labour/Green government, perhaps with a Mana/Internet Party component, that would veto the extradition.

I’m glad to say that once again, Mr Dotcom loses. ? He’s left quite the trail of failures in his wake and, sometime during 2016, when he jets to his new home for the foreseeable future, he will want to reflect on what sort of a life he could have had if he had treated more people with respect. ? Because even those who were on his side, for no other reason than it meant being anti-John Key, got to the point they didn’t want anything to do with him.

Happy New Year to New Zealand, and for me it will be a superb year as Mr Dotcom gets to answer for how he has ruined his own life, and other people’s lives.