Why you can’t trust Labour to run a government

You simply can’t trust Labour to run a government.

One major?reason was outlined on Radio NZ by Andrew Little this morning, where he?made it crystal clear that the Labour Party in Government will defy provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Got that?

Have a listen.

Andrew Little says that Labour will ignore the TPPA, an international agreement and trade treaty.

Labour simply can’t be trusted to govern if they are telling the voters that international treaties mean nothing to them.

It will be interesting to see what David Shearer and Phil Goff have to say about Little’s abrogation of international treaties. Labour certainly appear to be telling us all that they have no interest in opening up new markets and lowering barriers to our products in overseas jurisdictions.

No wonder Kim Dotcom wanted to return a Labour led government…that way he could get Labour to ignore the international extradition treaties that exist between the US and NZ.

I wonder if Labour’s new policy to ignore treaties also applies to the Treaty of Waitangi?