A reader writes: Who is Paul Henry’s spitting Mexican, really?

by Vlad

Today, newspapers reported briefly on the sentencing of Diego Chavez, the twerp who spat on Paul Henry and subsequently sprayed graffiti over TV3’s walls.

He was handed the usual NZ Court damp bus ticket of Community Work and reparation of $250 to Paul Henry, which he is instructed to pay off at $50 a week.

This time he is incuriously reported by our plodding repeaters as Diego Chavez. However, at a previous appearance he was named as Christian Marcel Cebolledo Gutierrez.

Now that is a very good name to Google. There may be lots of people around named Diego Chavez but there aren’t many named C M C Gutierrez, and a quick check shows that (a) Paul Henry was very luck to escape with just a spit from this character and (b) he might have a very good reason to be using an alias.

According to an International Communist League website, Christian was in the front lines of the extremely violent Oaxaca riots of 2006, where buildings and cars were burned, missiles and bullets flew and 17 died.

Christian Marcel Cebolledo Gutierrez was arrested for sedition, arson, criminal association and obstructing arrest:

Defend the Victims of State Repression in Mexico!

Defend the Victims of State Repression in Mexico!

Among those arrested in Oaxaca are ……. Christian Marcel Cebolledo Guti?rrez, student at the Economics School….He is now imprisoned in a maximum security prison in the state of Nayarit, facing ridiculous charges like obstructing arrest, sedition, arson and criminal association.

The APPO, the Oaxacan teachers and all those who struggle against the depredations of capitalism?such as our five imprisoned university brothers and sisters?must not face this state onslaught by themselves. It is in the interests of the entire workers movement to fight for the immediate freedom of all the activists imprisoned in the struggle in Oaxaca. It is necessary to mobilize the immense power of the industrial working class, which is derived from its relationship to the means of production, through strike actions to defeat the current government attack. Students must join with the working class? immense power to struggle. We call on workers, youth, student collectives and the oppressed in general to mobilize in defense of the APPO and its sympathizers.

Now the Government of Oaxaca Mexico may not be such nice people as our folks in Wellington, but that is some pretty heavy-duty activism. Sue Bradford must be really happy to have that kind of experience on her side.

And, in a more recent internet entry (translated from Spanish) , the Sky City Spitter is described as a political refugee in New Zealand. Some quite interesting questions there for reporters who get paid for reporting, provided it doesn’t interrupt their twittering and uploading selfies on their Facebook pages: Is he a political refugee? Did he get off the arson and sedition charges? Were they a problem when he applied for NZ residency? Why did he use an alias? What lessons from the Oaxaco riots can we apply to our TPPA protesting?


“Christian Marcel Cebolledo Guti?rrez (APPO political prisoner and political refugee in New Zealand)”