Awesome news. Can we just cancel it now?

The Green taliban are outraged, because they say the Emissions Trading Scheme is so weak now it is ineffective.

An?evaluation of the Emissions Trading Scheme shows the Government has “weakened the scheme to the point of ineffectiveness,” says Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

The Government released three technical reports last week, to help New Zealanders engage with a public review of the ETS.

One of those, a Ministry of Environment report into the performance of the ETS, found it provided businesses nearly no incentive to look at how to reduce their emissions.

Shaw said that with expenditure of $40m on setting up the ETS, and despite it being the Government’s main policy for tackling climate change, it was failing. ??

“The ETS is supposed to provide businesses with an incentive to reduce their emissions ? but two thirds of businesses no longer give any consideration to the ETS when making business decisions.

“All businesses said the ETS could do more to drive down climate damaging pollution in the business sector ? National is letting businesses down by failing to provide the right conditions for a low-carbon economy,” he said.

“This is irresponsible ? under current policy settings, New Zealand’s emissions are set to increase 96% on 1990 levels by 2030.

“With our signature on the Paris agreement, New Zealand must step up and implement a functioning system for dealing with carbon emissions. The Government is welcome to use the Green Party’s Climate Tax Cut policy.”

Yeah, nah thanks James.

But if the ETS isn’t fit for purpose perhaps we should just shelve it, or repeal it.


– Fairfax