But wasn?t it already too late?

As far as I remember, if we implemented all of the climate change measures in full, and that?s all of us in terms of the whole world, the climate change system would still need 50-100 years to respond to it. ?

So these people are eventually going to be needing to look at the kind of architecture where houses are raised a few metres on poles. ?

Hell, the tulip munchers didn?t even do that – they built dykes. ?

They?ve got decades and decades to prepare for the day when the sea is 50cm higher (if you want to believe that), so no need for panic – start raising your houses now.

New Zealand climate scientists have echoed desperate cries from small Pacific nations in the firing line of rising seas.

Representatives from 17 Pacific states, including Kiribati President Anote Tong, have been meeting leaders and experts in Wellington this week as part of Victoria University’s Pacific Climate Change Conference. ??

The university’s Professor James Renwick said there had been a sense of “alarm and panic” from Pacific delegates, whose low-lying nations were facing between 50cm and 1m of sea level rise by the end of this century.

With it would come higher rainfall variability, fewer but more intense tropical cyclones and further ocean acidification that would harm coral and marine ecosystems.

“We’ve heard from people in Kiribati that their homes are being washed away as we speak, so it’s obviously very real for people in low-lying atolls in the Pacific.”

Earlier in the conference, President Tong told delegates how some of his small nation’s islands could be gone within decades.

They won’t be gone. If that was the case they would have been gone years ago.

These idiots are just on the bludge.

Anyway…apparently we’ve used up our last chance.


– NZ Herald