Dodgy Socialist Dam public meetings

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

What? They are holding a public meeting? What? more than one?

Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson will be having the shits with the rebel councillors and wishing he had an anti-aircraft gun to deal with them.

Press Release

17 February 2016

Hastings/Ngaruroro Regional Councillors Set Public Forums

Regional Councillors Barker, Beaven, Belford and Graham today announce they have scheduled four public forums throughout Hawke?s Bay in March to discuss water storage in HB and the proposed Ruataniwha Dam. ?

The dates and locations are:

March 3, 6pm ? Hastings, Karamu High School
March 10, 6pm ? Waipawa, CHB Municipal Theatre
March 21, 6pm ? Wairoa, Gaiety Theatre
March 23, 6pm ? Napier, Napier Boys High School

The forums are intended to update the public on the current proposal?s status, present the reservations we four councillors have at this stage, and learn what concerns the public wishes to see addressed by HBRC during the final decision process.

The format will include brief presentations by the four councillors, followed by what we hope will be a robust and illuminating Q&A session.

Councillor Belford: ?Despite three-plus years of advocacy by project supporters, the public still lacks essential information on the key environmental and financial assumptions and risks underlying this $600 million proposal. We want to right the balance before any final decision on the dam is made.?

Councillor Barker: ?Water strorage will be critical to Hawke’s Bay’s future success, but is this dam the best option for our money, could we do better and what about the Tukituki River??

Councillor Beaven: ?The size of the investment and level of public knowledge and concern about this proposal demands a final opportunity for our whole community to have their questions answered before the Council makes its decision on whether to proceed.?

Councillor Graham: ?Water storage is vital to the HB economy and we should be encouraging famers to build their own storage capacity, not discouraging them with extraneous hurdles and exorbitant consent fees.?


The Regional Council only have themselves to blame for this situation with their sneaky and furtive underhand ways of dealing with information regarding the dam. At every stage when there has had to be a legal challenge because of their dodgy proposals, they have been spanked in the court. The Council have not won a single battle but have continued to funnel good money after bad.

They’ve built a highway to progress the dam but no exit ramps.

It is election year and there is going to be push back.