Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant


Anthony Robins, the left-wing ratbag blogger and a university professor?- not the inspirational and motivational speaker, has had a mad rant about the TPPA and how it could affect education.

He posits that evil corporations might set up private schools right next to an exisiting school and then demand government funding and compete with state schools. I know, it sounds terrible.

But he finishes with this little rant:

The TPPA is a way of locking in a permanent, international right-wing governance which can limit and constrain the kind of social policies that any future NZ left-wing government might want to enact. Clever, isn?t it.

Of course, those pesky things called facts get in the way of his rant. ??

For a start, Barack Obama is hardly right wing; some in?the?US think he is a communist, and he is certainly Marxist in many of his approaches, but to call him and his government “right wing” is really stretching credibility. He is pushing the TPPA hard in the US and it is Republicans, mostly, who oppose the TPPA.

Then there is Peru whose President is?Ollanta Humala, a member of the Peruvian Nationalist Party, which?is described as a party with the following ideologies: left-wing nationalism, Peruvian nationalism and Democratic socialism. Hardly right wingers, you’d have thought.

Mexico’s president,?Enrique Pe?a Nieto,?is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party?which is?in turn a member of Socialist International, the same organisation the NZ Labour party belongs to.

Vietnam is, of course, a communist nation.

Chile’s President is?Michelle Bachelet, who is a member of the ruling Socialist Party of Chile. That party is also a member of Socialist International and the Progressive Alliance.

Canada, of course, just elected Justin Trudeau as its Prime Minister. He is a liberal and a member of the Liberal party, which is described as centre to centre-left.

So, there isn’t much of anything that is right wing about a large chunk of the member countries of the TPPA. For an academic, who should pride himself on proper research, he seems to have failed badly in this regard as he rants on about the TPPA.

Then again, many others have made equally false claims about the TPPA.

One thing is certain: it is not a deal to lock in a permanent, international right-wing governance to limit socialism…many of the signatories are themselves socialists.

What this does show, though, is just how far left commentators and supporters of the Labour/Green left have become.


– The Standard