It was a sledge-fest and Little was exposed for his double-talk

John Key and Andrew Little went toe to toe in parliament yesterday but Andrew Little, as usual, was slaughtered.

He only had himself to blame for his forked tongue on the TPPA. Little said Labour opposed the deal, they went large on that stance and some MPs even marched in the protest. Phil Goff was given a dispensation but David Shearer was castigated for supporting the deal.

When pushed, though, we found out that Andrew Little was lying to the public over their opposition to the trade deal. When pushed he confirmed that Labour won’t use the exit provisions of the deal to remove New Zealand from the deal. Worse still, he has also said they won’t vote against the enabling legislation.

So when Andrew Little says he opposes something then it is probable he is lying to you as a voter. And when he says he supports something, then based on his positioning for opposing things, you really can’t believe him on that either.

Labour has misled the public over the TPPA; he has played one song for the hard left and quietly played another song for other voters.

Voters aren’t stupid, but Labour and Andrew Little have treated them as stupid. Voters will see this and they will remember.

Labour has lied from the get-go with their opposition. ?

They laid down 5 bottom lines and the TPPA meets every single one of them.

They are:

  • Drug buying agency Pharmac must be protected.
  • Corporations cannot successfully sue the Government for regulating in the public interest.
  • New Zealand maintains the right to restrict sales of farm land and housing to non-resident foreigner buyers.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi must be upheld.
  • Meaningful gains are made for farmers in tariff reductions and market access.

Pharmac is protected despite the claims of idiots. It is protected and no amount of whinging and obfuscating can get past that.

The Investor State Dispute mechanism is precisely the same as the provisions in every free trade agreement that has been signed under both Labour and National. In the more than 30 years since free trade agreements have been put in place New Zealand hasn’t been sued even once.

New Zealand has maintained the right to restrict sales of farm land and, in fact, any other land. It can be done through effective taxation measures like a stamp duty for offshore resident investors.

The Treaty of Waitangi is protected, and there is a carve-out specifically to protect the treaty.

And there are tariff reductions across the board. It is only really a matter of quantum. If Labour insist on this provision as the killer for their support then what they are really saying is that they’d prefer our exporters to suffer exisiting tariffs and closed markets rather than the tariff reduction programme that has been negotiated.

Every single one of their bottom lines was met and yet they still stated they opposed the TPPA.

This level of deceit and dishonesty shows that Labour are unfit to govern. The voters know this.

The Media party have danced around holding this fool’s feet to the fire, and getting a definitive and credible response from him, but he is back to different messages to different audiences.

Andrew Little speaks with a forked tongue; he simply can’t be trusted.

Labour’s position was horribly exposed in parliament today. No wonder John Key was chipper. He had Little on the?back foot and going backwards from?the?get-go.

John Key is going to crush Andrew Little like he crushed Helen Clark, Phil Goff, David Shearer and David Cunliffe. His trophy wall is getting really full.

Sadly, given the state of Labour – their shallow talent pool, their lack of money?and a union dominated constitution – the next Labour Prime Minister probably isn’t even in the house yet.