Just exactly how many trans and queer prisoners are there?

JC and the Po-po

JC and the Po-po

The luvvies are upset and protesting again…this time about the alleged treatment of queer and trans prisoners in our prison system.

There’s been a protest at the Auckland Pride Parade and poignant moments also, including Police Minister Judith Collins walking alongside uniformed off-duty police officers in the parade.

Tens of thousands of people turned out to watch the parade on Ponsonby Rd this evening in a vibrant celebration of diversity.

Fran Wilde, the politician who pushed through homosexual law reform in New Zealand 30 years ago, was the parade grand marshal.

Off-duty police officers marched in the parade in uniform for the first time last year and did so again this year.

But participants posted photographs of on-duty police dealing with a protest that halted the parade. ?

The No Pride in Prisons group said ahead of the event it was planning a protest.

Its members are angry that police and Department of Corrections staff, who run prisons, are marching in the parade. Ms Collins is also the Corrections Minister.

“Corrections’ policies directly contribute to physical and sexual violence against trans and queer prisoners,” the group says.

Its members chanted “police are violent, we won’t be silent”.

The parade restarted after about an hour of disruption, media report.

So, this must be a massive issue surely?

I mean it must be as they’ve mounted a protest so it has to be dreadful.

Just exactly how many trans and queer prisoners are there in?the?system?

The latest prison statistics show a muster of around 9,360?prisoners of which the vast majority are male. Statistics for the percentage of the population who are gay are non-existent but Australia has a rate of about 1.2% of the population.

If we use that figure then, and if the prison population matches the general population…and we know it doesn’t…as it is mostly Maori when they make up only 15% of the population, ?then we can assume that there are around 112 trans or queer prisoners in the prison muster. I would doubt that it is that high.

It is hardly a massive problem and there were probably more protestors on?the?issue than people affected.

But as soon?as soon as we solve that, there will be androgynous and “it” prisoners, and?then prisoners who think they are cats.

?- Newshub