Just quietly Audrey, Key is hoping he will be attacked all year on the TPPA

Audrey Young has drunk the Kool-Aid. She, too, is equating a few dozen angry hippies and Marxists with the end of John Key’s honeymoon.

Like all other predictions of the end of the honeymoon this one will be wrong too as she will find out in due course with the next set of polls.

It has been one of the longest honeymoons in political history but now Prime Minister John Key is preparing to be hissed and booed at every public outing by anti-TPP protesters.

He was shouted down on Sunday when he tried to make a speech at the annual Big Gay Out festival in Coyle Park. And on Waitangi Day, after giving the lower marae at Te Tii a miss, he was booed by a section of the audience at the NRL Nines tournament at Eden Park.

In the December Herald-DigiPoll survey, Mr Key was preferred Prime Minister by 65.2 per cent of voters after seven years in office.

Helen Clark had been similarly popular, too, after six years as Prime Minister, rating nearly 60 per cent, but had slid to 41.6 per cent by the time she lost office in 2008.

Yesterday, Mr Key said he expected to encounter protesters against the Trans-Pacific Partnership for the rest of the year.

He’s actually hoping they will. Every time they disrupt something and shout down his speeches, ordinary and middle New Zealand voters will lock in behind Key. His pollster knows this and Key knows this. It is only the dim bulbs of the Media party, and the political retards like Martyn Martin Bradbury, who think otherwise.

Word is that Key has gotten a 5-point bounce after the anti-TPPA march and the dildo episode. Now, with John Oliver taking the piss, it is win, win all round for Joyce (Dildo Baggins) and Key.


The left-wing stunts have backfired on them.

The pity is that press gallery journalists are so far up their own fundament that they can’t actually get anything right anymore.


– NZ Herald