Mark Thomas wants to spend money differently

Who is Mark Thomas, you might ask?? Exactly. He’s running to be the next mayor of Auckland, so in the interest of balance:

Auckland mayoral candidate Mark Thomas has announced his top three priorities:

1. Make council more affordable by focusing our $3.5billion annual expenditure more tightly and effectively.

2. Deliver better transport sooner by diverting more funding to it from the current poorly allocated spending, and reprioritising regional spending buckets to specific local priorities.

3. Achieve more effective growth planning which both builds more affordable houses sooner and does a much better job protecting the character of Auckland.

Mark is a business executive with an extensive community leadership background. He?s run an Auckland-based consulting and services business ?Serviceworks? for 10 years which included owning and operating a Metro Top 50 restaurant. Mark has held senior management roles in the banking and energy industries, including Head of Group Marketing at ANZ Bank.

Mr Thomas says that even though candidates like Phil Goff get more media coverage, he believes he can win.

?I?m not here for a badge of honour. I?ve got key National Party people on my team.?

He says there are too many staff in Auckland Council and to combat this he will cap the amount of money he gives to the CEO who controls staff numbers and costs.

Having “key” National Party people on your team isn’t working for “Vic” and, so far, it hasn’t worked for Mark either.

Let’s break it down:

  1. He’ll shuffle some money around so there is more value for rate payers.? No sign of rates relief
  2. It appears most of those efficiencies will go on “transport”.? In the absence of a clear statement to the contrary, it appears that the city rail loop and public transport will get more money to happen “sooner”, so don’t look at Mark if you drive a car and you’re looking for answers
  3. We need more houses but I have no clear vision how to deliver it because I want them to be affordable at the same time as not scaring the voters in well-to-do areas

Frankly, anyone who goes to the voters and says he’ll “achieve more effective growth planning” isn’t getting very good advice. Simple messages Mark. Simple messages. Let me help:

  1. Cut waste
  2. Get people moving
  3. More houses, now.

See?? It isn’t that hard.

Most people don’t care about the how. That’s just for boring interviews on obscure little shows where hosts need a wide-angle lens to fit in the same shot as the guests.

Yes, your policy detail is going to be examined on your website, in print (online) and on the kind of TV shows that have people watching you babble on about stuff for 30 minutes.

Another rule not to break: Do not talk about your opponents unless it’s to hurt them, and hurt them bad!? “Yes, Goff is getting more air time but I…” seriously?

National people are helping you. ?You had to get that in. Even though Key has said there is to be no assistance and endorsement?

It’s like you people have only just started in politics.


– Newshub