Merciless killers? A little less conversation, a little more action please

Feral cats are merciless killers but all everyone does, except a few of us, is talk about eradication.

We need more action…perhaps a bounty.

Eradicating feral cats and controlling the country’s stray cat population are just two of key features of a leaked report of a national group formed to solve the country’s “cat crisis”.

Domestic cats could face a curfew if the Morgan Foundation has its way, while the SPCA would be keen to implement a de-sexing programme.

The National Cat Management Strategy Group got together in November 2014 and includes members of eight organisations including the SPCA, Morgan Foundation, New Zealand Veterinary Association [NZVA], NZ Companion Animal Council, Local Government NZ and the NZVA Companion Animal Society.

Ministry for Primary Industries and Department of Conservation have technical advisory members on board.

The group’s ‘strategic intent report’ states that there “are estimates that indicate that there is a significant cat crisis in New Zealand.”

It states it’s estimated there were about 1.4 million domestic cats along with an additional 196,000 stray cats.

A cat ‘crisis’…I’ve got it…I know how to solve the problem. They should get Labour to declare it a proper crisis…then all?the?feral cats will just drop dead and the problem will be solved.

But enough hilarity…this is serious.

We need to be shooting the little bastards.

Geoff Simmons of the Morgan Foundation said various studies showed there were also between 2.4 and 14 million feral cats across the country.

He denied the Foundation wanted to get rid of the country’s domestic cat population.

“We were never getting rid of all cats, the point was the problem is cats wondering into wildlife areas. Stray and feral cats are a major issue … but also where people are living close to sensitive wildlife areas then domestic cats that wonder are a problem too.”

Enough of the jibber-jabber…how about the Morgan Foundation pay me (and my readers) to shoot cats?

I want one of these:

I reckon it would work real well on feral cats.


-?NZ Herald