Peter Dunne under huge pressure about medical Marijuana



It’s just too hard to get permission, says ex-CTU boss Helen Kelly.? And Dunne says he’ll go to overseas conferences about it and talk some more.

The guidelines for considering applications from people wanting to use cannabis for medical purposes will be reviewed, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced.

Mr Dunne said the need for “fine-tuning” was inevitable, given that medical cannabis was a new policy area for the Ministry of Health and wider medical profession.

“The guidelines were set up at my request following the Alex Renton case in 2015, so far the only case where ministerial approval was granted, following an application from Mr Renton’s treating clinicians to administer the restricted product Elixinol,” Mr Dunne said.

He said the guidelines were more recently applied to an application for medical cannabis made on behalf of former Council of Trade Unions head Helen Kelly, but subsequently withdrawn by her oncologist before any ministerial decision was required.

“While I am satisfied that on the whole the guidelines are sound, they were prepared as guidance only. They allow for flexibility across different clinical situations, and are certainly not set in stone as some have claimed.

“Nonetheless, some further review would be beneficial and I have asked officials to undertake further consideration of them. I am not ruling out seeking external input into this review process.”

Mr Dunne said he would be discussing these issues in Canberra next week at the Australian Drug Foundation’s National Drug Summit.

This week, Australia passed legislation to legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The legislation passed federal Parliament on Wednesday, and the Government is now expected to take at least six months to write the regulations to allow cannabis to be grown legally under licence.

In January, Ms Kelly wrote to Mr Dunne to seek permission to use medicinal cannabis.


Nothing.? Except red tape, more red tape and second guessing.

Dunne was happy enough to let everyone have a go at the “legal” stuff, but god forbid a medically prescribed cannabis-based remedy is actually considered.? We can’t have that.

Having been quite independent of National, it’s time he gets rinsed by standing a decent National candidate against him.? He’s a total anathema to most, and nothing but a literal pain to those who are looking to feel a lot less of it as they navigate extreme pain.


– Nicholas Jones, NZ Herald