Poverty? No sign of it.


New Zealanders spent more than $50 billion on credit and debit cards linked to the Paymark system last year, up 5.9 percent on 2014.

More than one billion transactions were recorded on New Zealand’s largest electronic transaction system at a rate of around 60 transactions a second on average in 2015.

Auckland, Northland, Bay of Plenty, Nelson and Otago were the major areas of growth while Taranaki and the West Coast had small declines.

New Zealanders predominantly paid the for record $53.3b goods and services with their debit cards, accounting for about three in four transactions, according to the data.

Underlying growth has continued into the New Year, increasing by 0.1 percentage point to 6 percent in January, with heavy spending in accommodation, food and drink and entertainment.

0.1% inflation, 4.5% wage growth, increase in spending, reduced unemployment, and the Labour Party wants everyone to believe we’re going to hell in a hand basket.

Yeah nah.


– NZN via Newshub