The difference between Bernard Orsman and Rebecca Wright

Two days ago Rebecca Wright wrote this about the rumours of John Palino’s candidacy for the Auckland mayoralty:

Former National Party President and father of the blogger Whale Oil, John Slater, managed John Palino’s 2013 campaign. And, my sources say, he’s managing Palino again.

But that’s where Palino’s right wing backing begins and ends.

And yesterday Bernard Orsman wrote this:

John Slater, Mr Palino’s campaign manager in 2013 and former National Party president, today said he had heard whispers from a couple of people about the businessman’s latest plans “but that’s all I know”.

Mr Slater said he would consider helping Mr Palino this year but first he would have to be asked and consider whether he had a reasonable chance of winning the mayoralty.

One “journalist” wrote a speculator based on a source, which was actually Cameron Brewer spraying rumours around Auckland. The other actually bothered to phone my old man and ask the right questions.

When I contacted Rebecca Wright?to correct her on her bullshit she text me back saying she would correct the article…she hasn’t…which makes her a liar as well. She was also too lazy to try and find Dad’s number herself. I wasn’t about to give it to her.

This shows us the sad state of the media, running around on the basis of rumours fed out there for some unknown reason by a “source”. But, more importantly, rushing to print without actually bothering to check.

Good on Bernard Orsman for actually bothering to ring the old man instead of listening to the gossip-mongering of Cameron Brewer.

Rebecca Wright likes grandstanding, she likes to cause a fuss, but she gets things wrong…and doesn’t correct them. She, of course, used to work as John Campbell’s nasty hit person before decamping and heading off to TVNZ.

Bernard Orsman is never going to set the world on fire but he, at least, isn’t trying to make the story all about him. My advice to any politician confronted by Rebecca Wright is to let her hear the sounds of crickets chirping rather than give her a statement.


– OneNews, NZ Herald