Why are RadioNZ and John Campbell allowing death threats against the Prime Minister?

Radio NZ and John Campbell posted an interview with John Key on their Checkpoint Facebook page.

Now you might say, “Why am I holding John Campbell responsible for the appalling comments that have been posted there?” But you have to really because he has set about crusading about a stupid little pin on the PM’s jacket.

Because of that, his legion of supporters think he is the man…but what the post unleashed is rather unsavoury and shows a nasty feral underbelly of New Zealand, and now also Radio NZ and John Campbell’s supporters.

First some dildo throwing and allusion to Nazis.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.19.42 AM

That’s pretty tame. How about shooting the PM or running him over?Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.22.03 AM

Or laughing at his death?Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.23.12 AM

And we are back to shooting the PM.Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.23.49 AM

And dildos.Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.24.18 AM

And a punch in the face…I wonder if it will be before or after he’s been shot in the face?Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.25.32 AM

Attacking his mother, who survived the Holocaust.Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.28.30 AM

And back to wanting to run him over.Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.28.39 AM

Radio NZ is state-funded, and this is what your tax dollars are funding. John Campbell is inciting that sort of behaviour too.

Here’s the real problem. They are wishing death on the Prime Minister for the “crime” of wearing a lapel pin. If they want to kill you for that, what won’t they kill you for?

Radio NZ and John Campbell should hold their heads in shame: for not moderating their supporters and for inciting criminal acts of threatening violence. I’m not sure the state broadcaster should be facilitating death threats and violence on the Prime Minister.

Hopefully the Police will take a good look at these people.

I wonder if Labour thinks this is kind of thing that will convince voters to change the government. Sadly, they probably do.


– RadioNZ, FB


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  • john Doe

    Those are very sick comments. I really wonder how stable those people are. I think they are socially inept and in need of physiological help.

    • Boondecker

      I pull them up when I notice them. I suggest nicely as I can how would they feel if someone said that about them. It’s funny how few want to carry on the debate then. Others. of course, do continue the immature criminal bravado and I then congratulate them on their joining the NZ Police watch list – and tag-link their comments to the NZ Police or Auckland Police FB page. That’s usually the end game at that point – as I block them forever too.

      There are a lot of people wanting to test the news laws regarding online abuse. Knowingly or unknowingly.

      • Michelle

        l hope someone tags these nutbars onto the Police FB page

        l think the left are quietly encouraging these nutters in the hope that one will try and take JK out so they can get into power

        Has this country really stooped this low that the left would think like that

        Sadly l think so

      • SlightlyStrange

        That’s an interesting tactic. I’m half tempted to create a fake account (even though mine is fairly locked down, I don’t want the other crazies to connect me to it) and follow suit…

      • sheppy

        Now if only they could take time out from persecuting minor motoring offences and uphold some of the other laws like for example the one that involves death threats against our PM

    • Back in the day they cut out letter from the Woman’s Weekly and stuck them onto brown paper and posted letter of outrage scribbled on with felt tip marker.

      Now they use Facebook.

      • Jono

        At least we can see who they are or purport to be

        • Nechtan

          Only the truly stupid.

      • MaryLou

        So once upon a time they made it anonymous because deep down they knew they’d look like twats, now they’re too stupid to even spell it.

      • contractor

        That’s it. Now these vile people prompt me to (again) give some do-ray-me to support your battles for justice whatever those might be.

      • Lux

        They are still doing that as well.

    • Positan

      Sadly, they’re probably untreatable.

      • johnandali

        They are. It’s a bit like the unemployment statistics. People complain that a 5% unemployment rate is too high. But the facts are that 5% is about the best we (or anybody else) can do. The 5% are actually unemployable.

    • johnandali

      More like psychiatric help. Mind you, they are probably unemployable for exactly those reasons. They will be on the bottom rung of the ladder for all of their lives, and they deeply resent those who keep ascending the ladder. And it’s probable that the only way they can express their pent-up anger which has solely been caused by a combination of their own ineptitude coupled with mental illness (probably drug and/or alcohol induced), is through the social networks. Yes. They’re the drop-outs.

  • Nechtan

    Good grief and WO is supposedly full of knuckle dragging rednecks?
    Got nothing on the feral filth on the left.

  • George

    That is John Campbell’s audience. The cream of socialism is rising to the top. The comments can only be attributed to desperately sick people. Yet more evidence of Labour’s missing million.

  • Grizz30

    1) a lapel pin? What is on it as I don’t get it otherwise.

    2) .who do these ferals support so I can vote for the other fellows?

    Edit: saw the link and see the lapel pin. Shame they have reduced the argument to the messenger and not the message. People like this are actually encouraging me to vote for a flag change.

    • johcar

      The proposed Kyle Lockwood flag design

  • Urbanviper

    It is about the level of discussion on a lot of those pages. Bryan Bruce has some real nutters. In the Labour Party you will find most MPs clean up such comments but then you get the non-elected types like Tamati Coffey and with them anything goes (unless you criticize him of course).

  • Sally

    Looks like John Campbell has now attract the most feral type of audience. However I wonder if they actually listen or just automatically go full retard on FB.
    Will be interesting to see TV1 poll tonight.

  • Nechtan

    Thank goodness and the Mods (take a bow) this mindless sort of drivel isn’t allowed here.

  • venator

    Interesting. I didn’t think that such dross types would listen to National Radio – drive time. Where is the moderation RNZ ?

    • Tui

      All it takes is one person to see/hear it on RNZ and post it on their facebook page. The rabble then follow and join in with their own abusive comments.

  • MaryLou

    See this is why I don’t do social media in general. We say Twitter is bad, but as a news feed it I find it pretty good. This???

    The sad bit? There’s just so darned many of them.

  • JC

    Good to see how public funding raises the level of discourse compared to those crass commercial stations.


  • KGB

    Our update

    Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the comment you reported and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

    The above response says it all really. This is the reply from my complaint yesterday to a shocking post on our PM’s page. They don’t care.

    • Nechtan

      Unbelievable, so its all on then? Anything goes? I may well just try it on, with a lefty politician, what’s the bet I get stomped on?

      • KGB

        Dont demean yourself Nechtan.
        Surely when comments threaten anyones life, Facebook should care.

        If it wasn’t for my Grandson I would leave Facebook in reaction. But the daily photos of him have me stuck between a rock and a hard place.

        • Nechtan

          It will break Whale Oil rule number 7 but I don’t mind fighting dirty, especially if it helps with rule number 5.

        • Urbanviper

          I’ve lodged formal complaints over people saying all Jews should die and Facebook has never once upheld the complaint.

          • Tui

            Yet facebook clamps down on pictures of breast feeding mothers on private facebook pages but does nothing when Jews are threatened.

          • rexabus

            The left are basically chicken about offending the Jew-hating muslims. They’ll use all sorts of sophistry to present it differently but underlying all of that is fear, I believe, of confronting them on the anti semitism, misogyny, west hatred etc. Fear of offending the brown man, fear of becoming the enemy of the brown man, fear of finding common ground with conservatives

      • Grizz30

        The Campbell Live crowd only make own goals for themselves. It makes other voters stay away from their side. Do not reduce yourself to their level. For one it looks bad. But it will only drive voters into the arms of socialists.

    • Jono

      Acts of Sedition! But we don’t have that law any more?

  • Jono

    What’s the bet no one moderates the comments on that page.

    I oppose the flag changing, but you will never find me diving the depths of human dignity attacking the PM like this about it. Why? Because I am pro-National and generally pro-Key and pro-TPP.

    I have walked a very thin line with my stance. I don’t want to be associated with these Johnny-come-lately ferals who just want an anti-Key bandwagon to jump on, but I no doubt will be savaged just as much if I said I am pro-Key and pro-National etc. I have chosen to keep my cards close to my chest. It is a big thing for me because a lot of these people are within my age bracket.

    • MaryLou

      No, I saw a comment there, saying “love the debate, but can we keep it civil?” They know full well what’s being posted on their page. Don’t seem to mind too much either…

    • one for the road

      No one moderates any comments on Facebook, it is a either Luvyduvy comments or feral comments like the above, justadisgrace

  • Genevieve

    The RadioNZ/Campbell post with unmoderated comments from the feral left reinforces the notion that liberal politics attract more stupid people than those to the right of the political spectrum. The vitriole directed towards John Key is actually the best that some of these people can come up with, as they wouldn’t know where to start with basing an argument on factual information. Many of these people have actually reached their full potential.

    • Jono

      Ad hominems are the domain of the lazy debater.

      • sandalwood789

        … and the ignorant who simply know of no other way of talking to people.

        • Simon P

          I love the comment about John Key been a American Citizen.

  • Urbanviper

    Maybe all members of parliament should adopt an official uniform so as not to offend anyone and to show solidarity with the people.

  • JEL51

    That is actually appalling,( and it certainly ain’t Marvelous ). It is sickening and those running that page has to be held accountable for letting that stay in the public arena.
    I gave up reading the Listener over a decade ago and was forced to endure Radio NZ with the Boss about 8yrs ago. Both I decided would have to improve on their bias before I ever consider to devote any of my valuable time in their direction, again.
    I was totally unaware till now on reading this, that they have become even worse.
    Perhaps not only supporting an end to the UN but I will also go full out in supporting an end to any government funding to any media outlets be that Radio NZ or TV One. They are not that important anymore.

  • papagaya

    RNZ and John Campbell are probably too stupid to realise that the fastest way to drive down their credibility is to fail to moderate this page.

  • Wolfman Jack

    If the Facebook screenclip is genuine then in today’s troubled times this is inciting urban terrorism. Send in the appropriate authorities to handle a potentially violent incident in the appropriate manner

    • Carl

      It is as I went and had a look for myself and there were plenty more than just those ones.

    • Wolfman Jack

      The winged very sharp piece of cutlery

    • Effluent

      I have just submitted a formal complaint to Radio NZ about this, and suggest that others should do the same. This is utterly shameful, and brings great discredit to RNZ and checkpoint. I have no doubt whatsoever that if material of a similar nature appeared on this site, criticising its political opponents in the same vein, there would be an avalanche of complaints.
      No wonder no-one bothers with Checkpoint any longer if this is the sort of racist, murderous filth that they are happy to publish.

  • Urbanviper

    Someone didn’t send Andrew Little the memo. Leaders apparantely must wear our current flag as a pin at all times. Not any other national symbols or silver ferns.

    • MaryLou

      You referring to the Tinorangatiritanga flag at the parade? Yeah… not a union jack in sight.

      • XCIA

        You mean the knock-off copy of the old NZR logo ;-)

        • OneTrack

          Ahh, the good old days when unions were king.

          • XCIA

            My once “girl Friday” helped put a spanner in their works when 50,000 people followed her down Queen street.

      • Urbanviper

        I tried to attach a picture. Is it not showing? It shows Andrew Little with an Anzac Poppy and Silver Fern pin.

        • MaryLou

          Oh sorry, my mistake as usual, didn’t refresh the page!

  • kayaker

    This is really concerning. I’ve just been to the Checkpoint FB page, but cannot find the thread. Maybe they’ve taken it down?

    Interesting to note that one of the most feral commenters has a picture of her three children as her cover shot. Wow, what a fantastic parent and role model she is /:sarc

    • Urbanviper

      It was from 18 February and can be found in the link at the top of the article.

  • XCIA

    I thought Face Book purported to have standards, so why have they not closed this account down. We should rename it Farce Book.

  • Eddie

    I posted this to the page to test their moderation. Any bets it stays as long as the death threats and Nazi references?

    • KatB

      I can’t stop laughing. Sad when you play them at their own game and they can’t see it.

    • KatB

      The funny part is, you go to post something on their page and a comment comes up about somebody having to check it first. I told them of my disgust of the words used in the comments, but I was polite. Bet my post won’t appear and yet the outrageous things these others have said are there for all to see.

    • KatB

      Just wait till Dame Susan gets onto the comments about John Key’s Jewish mother. Dame will be all over it. These people will have wished they’d never opened their mouths.

      • Lux

        yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Plantagenet

    Some years ago now Key declared there was an underclass in NZ and was roundly condemned for the comment meaning that he shut up quickly. But, he was right, there is an underclass and that comments page is all the proof that is needed. What shameful, profane and possibly dangerous people. I hope some of the security apparatus have taken note.

    • Tui

      Before facebook and social media these people were invisible. News previously came via radio, newspapers and nightly TV news. Most of these people probably didn’t bother checking out news. Now it comes right to their facebook page. They believe everything they read is true. Unfortunately for the Labour Party/Greens these are their supporters and it really doesn’t help their cause.

  • David Kerr

    Settle people, these keyboard warriors truly are the missing million. Ask them why they hate key and the present govt and you’ll have them flumoxed. They couldn’t organise a turd in the bowl, but they’ll never miss benefit day. And don’t worry about their vote because they don’t.

  • sarahmw

    I’ve just put a complaint to Facebook about it. Can’t understand why they still don’t understand putting your name to this sorta crapploa is just plain silly.

    • KGB

      Please share the response, I hope you fare better than me.

      • sarahmw

        I will do. Facebook needs to up their game.

      • sarahmw

        Only response was saying it was not objectionable. The video that is , so I wrote again to say it was the comments section. Facebook has stock questions so it’s vague really.

        • KGB

          It was the 1st time I have ever lodged a complaint ang yes, it doesn’t give good options. They were quick to respond, but I can’t believe what they consider acceptable.
          Good luck:)

  • johnandali

    I had a look at Facebook and keyed in one of these people, and then I keyed in the name to the people sentencing trust database. Assault during burglary. Previous conviction for assault. Sentence 5 yrs. That says it all. If the rest are anything like this one, they’re all just dirtbags.

  • exactchange

    Red Radio have now removed about 100 comments. Guess they read WO.

    • MaryLou

      Well, they’re here for posterity, just in case anyone’s ever in any doubt about their customer base! Or Labours.

  • Left Right Out

    I thought the cyber bully laws were there to address this sort of thing….

  • Simon P

    I have lodged a formal complaint with Radio NZ, disgusting and vile. I believe they could be guilty of publishing objectionable material and this could become a police matter.

    • Lux

      They are now removing comments that are showing them up.

  • OneTrack

    Toxic lefty haters and wreckers. Nothing new to see here, move along.

  • XCIA

    Seems RNZ have deleted the comments…….

    • Isherman

      They should have left them up, as a reminder of what these nasty angry lefty attitudes are like.

      • XCIA

        There are those among us who are devoid of grey matter, but impressionable to the point the may believe they are performing a service by acting on the suggestions. I think they are best left in cyber space.

      • Leonard O’Brien

        easy as just share this story on facebook.

  • Lux


    • Wheninrome

      All power to this blog, but really who does RNZ employ as a watchdog for decency.

  • Lux

    Last time, after having the pro comments deleted.Showing your red flags now RNZ.

  • Wheninrome

    The education system has a lot to answer for. The english language or lack thereof shames them, they appear unable to string coherent sentences together, and lets not talk about the spelling, apart from words that won’t get them a paying job, well not in the daytime.

  • rexabus

    I’m fairly neutral politically for the most part but Pathetic a state funded broadcaster can’t get their act together enough to contain that sort of vile stuff.

  • Dog Breath

    Going by some of the information that made it to media about the evidence, that was deemed inadmissible, the Urewera group had a similar plan for JK.
    Why is it only those with left thinking philosophy who ever say or threaten this kind of stuff. You never hear this kind of commentary when one if their own are running the treasury benches. It seems to be their modus operandi.

  • Dumrse

    RNZ has cleaned the blackboard so what will the children do now their posts have gone ?

  • KatB

    This was part of my chat with them.

  • Elmwood

    I note that RNZ have removed 100 objectional posts. However you have screen shot some threatening statements. These are chargeable offences, are you going to lay a complaint with the Police?

    • Nige.

      I think everyone should. Why leave it up to just one person. I hope everyone who is as disgusted as the rest of us does the same and lays a complaint.

  • Korau

    Looks like a full moon tonight.

  • DLNZ

    Facebook has a handy feature for pages that includes a filter where you can add a list of words that means those posts will not be visible until approved by a page admin. Then again these rabid people from the left posting hate filled obscenities only serve to give everyone else a good reason to vote National.

  • Huia

    Those posts made me feel sick, what on earth has happened to the human race that someone would make horrible comments like that about someone the don’t know.
    Maybe we do need another war to clean this unfeeling, self absorbed lot of mutants out once and for all.
    Disgusting in their hate.

    • Old Dig

      Unfortunately the human race has always been like this. At least in this country the ferals are only a powerless minority, for now anyway.

  • Sailor Sam

    And when one left wing retard actually carries out this sort of action, watch the crocodile tears from the left whinger leaders – John M, Sue B, John C, Angry Andy and all.

  • Eddie

    Red Radio interviews terror supporters like they are heros and we expect different comments from their readers?

  • kayaker

    So it all happened on 18 February, but it took RNZ until 21 February to take some action! If heads don’t roll at Checkpoint tomorrow, I’d be very surprised. Perhaps I should prepare to be very surprised tomorrow.

  • Lux

    Red radio pro 4

  • Lux

    Red radio pro 5 removed ..

  • Lux

    Red radio, only want you to see, what they want.
    Edit to add, I appreciate them removing the rubbish and death threats, but why do they remove comments that are .. well just comments pro John Key or Pro any one ?

  • Frank N Further

    I recall not too long ago criticism of the amount of security that accompanies John Key everywhere. There should be no doubt now that it is needed, not only for these recent posts re John Key, but also recent ones about Max. I hope and pray that the the DPS stay on top of their game. This includes not only those overt members that we can see, but also those more covert who are providing the intelligence etc. We need these folk to be proactive, not reactive.

    • R&BAvenger

      The amount of vitriol against the PM’s son is just as galling. Some ‘DJ’ refuses to give it air time. Pathetic and childish behaviour.

  • benniedawg

    I am of course stating the blindingly obvious, but to a person I guarantee that they all draw down the benny, and are annoyed that their current handouts don’t satisfy their desires. Happy to be proved wrong.

    As for red radio, it was once a place of reason where political debate was reasoned and balanced. No longer is this the case. Those who still bother to listen to them have the pleasure of listening to the selected txt’s twitter feeds that extol the left. The best possible thing the current Gov’t could do is kick this funding into touch. If the state funded mouth-piece is hell bent on bringing their masters to heel, but are unaccountable themselves then best they do it with their own money and none of my taxes.

    • Lux

      $32 million a year is not to be sniffed at, Imagine if WO had even a couple of them?

      • Bartman

        Buys a flag and some change!

  • kayaker

    Ever since Geoff retired (and Sean’s departure) National Radio has gone downhill, as have its ratings. I no longer listen to it.

    • Rob

      Likewise. As I have said before, as I can’t handle commercial radio with their mind bending advertising,I now go over to ABC Radio National for quality listening.

  • Mav E Rick

    We live in a funny little country. A place where you can make death threats against people in Govt, throw objectionable toys at ministers in public and say racial comments against Jews – and nothing happens. In most countries I have visited around the world, the perpetrators of these actions would find the long arm of the law dealing with them. It is a shame that these people aren’t dealt with by authority. Small things often lead to big things. Im all for freedom of speech – but these are threats. If they were said to me, I would take them seriously.

    • Graham

      Ah, but try making any such comment about a “minority” group.

  • SaggyNaggy

    I think it’s disgusting that most of these people are Maori. Their forebears would be ashamed of them. Even Rua Kenana, Potatau and Hone Heke conducted themselves with more dignity than this.

  • Miss Phit

    Doesnt this cross the threshold for the anti buling/whatever digital legislation passed just a few months back?

    If I posted that I wanted to kill or rape or shoot some one would I be punished? Is this law just another lames hollow threat that will be ignored by all. Until someone does do it.

  • Daniel Church

    These people also think … that Whale Oil is quite offensive. I am just as appalled by these comments as you are, but one can’t help but be amused by the irony.