You can’t teach an old dog new tricks


We have all heard the debate of nature versus nurture. Which has more influence over us: our biology or the way we were brought up? ?In Belgium it wasn’t a case of nature versus nurture; it was a case of education versus culture.

The Red Cross in Belgium ?believe that education can change culture. ?They believe that they can safely bring in thousands of people with a culture that does not respect non-Muslim women. They believe that even though Muslim men have been brought up their entire lives to disrespect non-Muslim women, they can teach them to respect women by putting them through a short educational course. In other words, they think they can teach an old dog new tricks.

A 16-year-old Afghan refugee, who had recently taken a course on how to behave towards women, has been charged with raping a female employee at a refugee shelter in Belgium. The center?s spokeswoman told RT he had had ?an eye on her for quite some time.?

The incident took place in the Belgian town of Menan near the French border. The minor, who ?has been staying in the center in Menan already for five months,? followed the ?young cook into the basement,? where he allegedly raped her, An Luyten, a spokeswoman for the Red Cross Flanders, told RT.

She added that the teenager ?apparently already had an eye on her for quite some time.?

Belgian prosecutors confirmed that the Afghan minor had attacked the young woman, who works for a catering firm providing services to the Menan refugee center, adding that a judge had ordered that the suspect be detained in youth custody until his next hearing.

According to the Red Cross Flanders, which runs the center, the ?boy? had attended a course on how to behave towards women given by the organization just two weeks before sexually assaulting the young girl.

In a video about the rape, the spokesperson from the Red Cross did not want to acknowledge the failure of the sex education classes to change ingrained cultural attitudes towards women. Instead, she was more concerned with cautioning the viewer not to blame Muslim culture for the latest vicious rape.

If Muslim culture is compatible with Western culture then there would be no need for sex education classes to teach them to respect women. French classes are for people who don’t speak French. Respect for women classes are for men who don’t respect women, ergo Muslim culture is not respectful of non-Muslim women.



…Following the recent attacks in Cologne and elsewhere in Europe, the classes were launched to teach male migrants appropriate sexual behaviour.

In one part of the class, the men are shown an image of a woman in a short skirt sitting provocatively and told it isn?t an invitation for sex.
Linda Hagen, the leader of the course, said participants often make comments like ?she kissed him, it’s an invitation to have sex” and “if she wants come to my place, that means she’s consenting.”

“Everyone is in agreement that rape is bad but there are all these grey zones, these situations that are a little difficult to grasp… The problem can arise with any of us,” Ms Hagen told MailOnline. “The idea behind these courses is to talk about risk situations that can arise when it comes to rapes and sexual assaults.

I bet it would be extremely illuminating if Linda Hagan shared with us some of these so called “grey zones”. ?I highly doubt that they would involve problems that can “arise with any of us”. Civilised Western men know that a smile is not an invitation for sex and that eye contact does not indicate sexual consent. ?They also know, even if they do misread the signs, that when a woman says no and pushes them away, or screams and says leave me alone, to stop.

In case after case of rape by Muslim migrants, they have raped women who clearly were not consenting. They had to violently subdue them and beat them in order to rape them. ?There were no misunderstandings or “grey zones”. There was no way that it could be a misunderstanding or a “grey area”. ?These are men who expect to get what they want and who think of Western women as prostitutes because of how they dress and act.

The migrant who raped the little boy at the swimming pool knew full well that the little boy was not consenting. He claimed it was a sexual emergency and he considered his need for sex as more important than the little boy’s right to not be raped. ?In fact, he thought so little of what he had done that he didn’t even try to run away but continued swimming at the swimming baths after leaving his victim traumatised and bleeding. He clearly didn’t think he had done anything wrong.