Another journalist falls for Arthur Taylor?s BS

The Media party are all falling over themselves to pander to Arthur Taylor’s ego.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush once described Arthur Taylor as “a criminal with no moral or social conscience”. RNZ Reporter Kate Newton was granted a rare interview with the career crook who claims he’s now on the right side of justice. She found Taylor, who’s been a thorn in the side of police for decades, brazen and unapologetic.

Precisely why he remains behind bars.

After spending 38 of the last 44 years in prison, amassing 152 convictions along the way for fraud, burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, firearms offences, drugs offences and escaping from custody, he’s built up a certain mystique.

“He’s a very clever man. He’s also a very dangerous man,” was all one Crown prosecutor would say.

Previously intent on flouting the law, these days Taylor claims to be crusading on behalf of his fellow prisoners, which must gnaw at prison authorities.

Arthur William Taylor turns 60 this year. He’s currently serving out a 17-year cumulative sentence in the high-security A Block at Paremoremo and will be released in 2022 if he isn’t granted parole earlier.

I doubt he will qualify for parole. He is unrepentant.

This guy is a scumbag, but the Media party are into him big time.

But recently, he’s developed a bent for human rights, starting with two successful challenges to Corrections’ decision to ban smoking in prisons. It did not have the desired effect – Parliament simply legislated to make the ban lawful.

By then Taylor had his next target in sight: a bill passed in 2010 that banned all sentenced prisoners from voting. The High Court’s Justice Ellis ruled she could not overturn the ban because it had been lawfully passed by Parliament. But in her judgement she described the law as “constitutionally objectionable”, and wrote that Taylor was “not some vexatious voice in the wilderness” on the issue.

Then, in July last year, Taylor achieved something that no one has previously managed to do: he gained a declaration from a New Zealand court that a law – in this case, the voting ban – was inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act. Now Taylor’s on a propaganda blitz.

Ahhh there we have it…a propaganda blitz…enabled and abetted by?the criminal friendly?Media party.

The Labour party and the Media party are firmly embedding in the Kiwi psyche that they are criminal friendly. No wonder National continues to remain sky-high in the polls.


– Radio NZ