Chris Hipkins disowns union scumbag who threatened Paula Bennett…sort of

Chris Hipkins commented on Kiwiblog’s post about a scumbag union thug, trying to disown him.

His comments are disgusting and wrong. Rape is a horrible thing and should never be used as a political weapon. That goes whether you?re an anti-government activist or the Prime Minister. This photo was taken at Ratana. He approached us to talk about the meat workers fight against AFFCO and asked for a photo. I don?t do background checks on everyone who asks for a selfie or a photo, and suggestions anyone appearing in such photos endorse any comments made by people they otherwise don?t know is simply juvenile. If that?s the new standard I?m sure there are plenty of people frantically deleting their selfies with John Key.

Of course, he had to have a flick at John Key. But Hipkins is wrong here. Megan Woods actually tagged him in to the photo. She even stated it was great to catch up with him…you’d hardly say that about some random who wanted a selfie. ??

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.51.59 AM

So, Hipkins is either lying about how he is known to them or Megan Woods, who remember was outraged by John Key’s comments about Labour cuddling rapists, actually knew him well enough to tag him in along with Chris Hipkins.

He is a well-known union official and was even at the Labour party conference in his Meat Workers Union regalia.


Darien Fenton, a former Labour MP and now official in the Meat Workers Union, knows this man well…it stands to reason that an attendee at the Labour congress, and someone name checked by several MPs including Megan Woods and Louisa Wall, is actually known to many more Labour MPs.

If Chris Hipkins had been smart he would have ended his comment at “…asked for a photo”. He didn’t and carried it on, making his attempt to distance himself rather lame and nasty in?the?process.

Labour really need to come out strongly on this. So far it has been rather limp-wristed.


– Kiwiblog