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  • Justme

    I reckon that Jesus is for Lease Photo is north of Whangarei. Just north of Kamo, or on Piano Hill.

    • Michelle

      Yep it is just before the Fonterra factory

    • OT Richter

      I reckon it’s the new Destiny Church HQ.

    • JEL51

      I drove past there yesterday but didn’t notice. Generally easier to see driving back towards town but I turned off at Hika to go through the swamp on the way back. Next time perhaps.

  • Crowgirl

    I may have mentioned this before but some wag around here has named his wifi “ithurtswhenIP”

  • PhantomsDoc

    My wifi is:

    Police Surveillance Van #2

    • hookerphil

      A new one around here is “gcsb survellance van’ Love the spelling

  • Salami Warning

    You will all know this but the picture of the gas pump on your dash indicates what side of the pump you should pull up to to avoid having to stretch the hose over the back of the car. If your car has a left side fill the pump on your dash will look like the one above. You all knew this of course.

    • MaryLou

      What? No, that’s news! You mean the left when you’re sitting in it, or left when you’re looking at it?

      • Salami Warning

        Sorry, myth busted.

    • Actually it doesn’t.

      • Salami Warning

        Yup, going to have to flip flop. For every vehicle I have driven this has been the case but I tested this on the net just now and found plenty of info to say I am wrong.

        • Yeah well I thought it was too until I drove a borrowed ute to the pump looked at the fuel gauge and went to the wrong side…lol.

    • James M

      That is somewhat true. Yep some vehicle manufacturers did do that, however not all of them. So it’s made it an unreliable rule to follow.

    • friardo

      I have two Nissans, both have pictures like the one shown, both fill up on the right side not the left. Not that it matters, they both have little doors over the fuel filler points so I know which side to fill up just by using my eyes. That particular urban myth laid to rest until the next time.

  • Dave

    looks like the US Justice Dept has a special chair ready for DotCom, wish they would all get on with it and just get him there.