Daily Roundup




Oh NZ Herald… you’re so silly







You have to admire that sort of self confidence







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  • Caprice

    Dressed in pink, with the word ‘babe’ on the front.. Perhaps it is some kind movie promo. Although I have not heard that they have shot another sequel.

    • willtin

      (I’m ashamed to say) I have seen that person in pink all over the interweb. I think he has formed his own meme.

      • Yes, but you only read the Internet for the articles. We all know that.

        • willtin

          While probably another generation will take the internet for granted, or move on to the next thing (I envisage a holographic method of communication) I am forever in wonder about the genius of its existence and the opportunities for learning – and learning what and not to believe. And just learning.

    • Jafarma

      I thought it was Phil Goof…..

      • cows4me

        As did I.

  • willtin

    While the IKEA cartoon is very clever, to me having been on both the giving and receiving end of multitudinous job interviews, it wouldn’t be a silly idea – it would test the applicant in so many telling ways. For example – do they swear a lot?
    Edit:for clarity