Daily Roundup


Fiction.  Clearly.





















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  • Curly1952

    Is that Twyfords idea for Auckland – the 4th photo down?

    • MaryLou

      Twyford, Goff, Brown…

    • MarcWills

      This picture is of the World Building of the Year 2015, in Singapore, called ‘The Interlace’.

      • SlightlyStrange

        Its neat looking building, but I’d totally want an outside apartment – some of the bottom ones in the middle would have to be quite dark.

      • oldmanNZ

        apparently (singapore being a major port) it represents shipping containers stacked

        • Orca

          And this is why architects are never put in charge of stacking containers.

    • Orca

      No, Twyford’s idea for Auckland is the second to last photo.

  • metalnwood

    isnt it [ cat + [cat]] ?

  • willtin

    The strop over the soil brought back to mind, a (frightening) experience of mine. New in the job, about 18 years old, the sheet-metal crew sent me up the road to get smoko, in the works small truck. Around a corner, on which stood a school, and all the sheet iron slid off the truck onto the berm. It would have sliced anyone standing there, in half. I was still shaking when the traffic cops phoned later and had a quiet word with me.