Do our scientists and health professionals know anything about Zika?

First it was something that happened overseas. ?

Then we had some cases come to New Zealand. Then we discovered it could be spread through sex. Then we got one case that started here, and now we hear our mosquitoes are capable of transmitting the disease.

This doesn’t inspire confidence.

Brazilian scientists have found one of the 15 species in this country can be infected with the virus in the laboratory.

More studies were being done to find out whether the mosquitoes could transmit zika in the wild. ?

Auckland University researcher Jos? Derraik said even though the risk of mosquitoes transmitting viruses to humans in New Zealand was very low, it could not be disregarded.

“What could happen in the worst case scenario is mosquitoes could bite a person who had come back from overseas infected with the virus, and the mosquitoes could then transmit it to another person in New Zealand.”

He said people at risk of contracting zika in other countries should use insect repellent to minimise the chances of local transmission.

Stock up on your mozzie repellant and go find a Greenie to blame for this problem, due to their insistence on banning DDT.

Oh, and don’t shag any stray mozzies…or kiss them.


– Radio NZ