Does the Herald have an employment programme for ‘special’ people?

Regular readers will know there is no love lost between the NZ Herald and myself. Apart from the fact that they employ inherently dishonest people, people who interview their keyboards and generally are a bunch of muppets, they also seem to have an employment programme for ‘special’ people.

Today they have a story that apparently solves the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

A discovery of giant underwater craters at the bottom of Barents Sea could offer a viable explanation to the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

Scientists have found craters up to half a mile wide and 150ft deep, believed to have been caused by build-ups of methane off the coast of natural gas-rich Norway.

The methane would have leaked from deposits of natural gas further below the surface and created cavities which finally bursts, scientists say.

‘Multiple giant craters exist on the sea floor in an area in the west-central Barents Sea … and are probably a cause of enormous blowouts of gas,’ said researchers from the Arctic University of Norway told the Sunday Times (paywall).

Now, I know my readers are smart. They know that the Barents Sea is isn’t anywhere near Bermuda, it is near Norway, Finland and Russia.


But wait the story gets worse. They then present this map:


The “infamous Bermuda Triangle”…hmmm…really?

That is actually an area known as the “Dead Zone” on the west coast of Florida. The map is on Getty Images and comes up under search for Bermuda Triangle. But any person with even a slight bit of general knowledge knows that map shows the west coast of Florida in and around Tampa?Bay.

The geniuses at the NZ Herald don’t know that though. They think it is the Bermuda Triangle, which is on the other side of Florida.


BTW, it is?1,767 km from Bermuda to Tampa.

Either the NZ Herald is employing primary school children or they have a programme for ‘special’ people. I really can’t see why a suitably qualified person should make such a fundamental error.

The NZ Herald isn’t fit for purpose.


– NZ Herald