Dream holidays of bloggers?

For some reason the NZ Herald thinks bloggers and their dream holiday destinations are news.

When I say bloggers, I really have never heard of a single one of them. It seems to just be an arts, lifestyle and travel blogger…plus one called a “self love blogger”…which is…uhmm…interesting.

With summer over for another year, it’s only natural we’re already dreaming of escaping the upcoming winter.

With the help of Contiki, New Zealand’s most popular bloggers have shared their dream destinations and wanderlust inspiration for 2016 – with everywhere from Finland to Coachella making their bucket lists.

Right, so a paid post then…I thought such things were evil…oh wait, it is only evil when I do it.

Since they want to know what bloggers want for holidays (and all theirs are so utterly gay) let’s begin with my dream holidays. ?

For a start I want to schedule several holidays out achieving at least the Super 10 and make good inroads into?the?Super 25.

I want a good specimen of each of these:?Black Bear,?Grizzly Bear,?Polar Bear.

A cougar hunt is also on the list.

This is a pulse-pounding hunt for one of the most elusive animals in North America. The hunts take place on private and public lands in south-central New Mexico using hounds. They are conducted on horseback and/or 4×4 vehicles, and then on foot, depending on the terrain and your physical abilities. It pays to be in good physical condition as, depending on where the dogs tree the lion, it can involve quite a bit of hiking over difficult terrain.

Then there are the deer species:?Columbia Blacktail Deer,?Mule Deer,?Sitka Blacktail Deer,?Whitetail Deer; and Elk species:?Rocky Mountain Elk; plus Moose.

That will require several trips to Alaska, Canada and a couple of other places in North America.

Then there is wing-shooting in Argentina. The best spot is in Cordoba.

Enjoy some of the finest dove hunting in Argentina with one of the most popular destinations in the country. Their deluxe traditional estancia is one of the most well-known dove hunting lodges in all of South America. Hunters will be treated to some of the best gourmet Argentine cuisine served with the finest local wines in the country. This double occupancy lodge is the perfect setting for larger groups of 8 to 12 guests. The hunting fields are situated within close driving distance from the lodge. Upon your arrival, you and your hunting party will be assigned a personal field assistant who will be available for you during your stay. This region of Argentina is known for its world renowned dove hunting. Hunters can expect to shoot over 2000 rounds per day. This dove hunting experience is second to none and provides the avid wingshooter the best opportunities at high volume shooting in a first class setting.

This is the place to go to Los Chanares:

So they are my dream holidays in the Americas.

I’d love a brown bear rug in front of the fireplace, a full mount polar bear and another rug in black bear.

Next post on holiday will be Africa.