First world problems strike Easter, Media trawls Facebook for outrage

The Media party are declaring outrage as a few people post on Facebook that they got too many of the wrong kind of chocolate bar inside their Easter eggs.

Seriously…check out the headlines. It’s like they raced each other to trawl through Facebook for the outrage.

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Yep, the only thing missing was all the news networks declaring “Breaking News: People outraged over chocolate eggs”.

The Easter Bunny has fallen out of favour with some New Zealanders — who say they have become victims of “the curse of the Cherry Ripe”.

Chocolate lovers are taking to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page to lament what could shape up to be the first world problem of the year — a disproportionate amount of Cherry Ripe bars in their Favourites Easter eggs.

Each package of Favourites Easter eggs contains one hollow milk chocolate egg and about eight mini chocolate bars from the Cadbury range.

Paraparaumu woman Shelley Down posted a photo of the offending packaging to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page this morning.
“Was super excited to watch my son open his Favourites Easter Egg but had a bit of a WTF moment when we realised there were 7 Cherry Ripes and 1 Dairy Milk [sic],” she said.

“I know Cherry Ripes get a bit of a tough time and you still need to force them upon us but the ratio seems a bit drastic. Did you have a newbie working on the distribution line that day because surely this ain’t right?!”

The post has attracted over 2000 reactions and 202 comments — including from a number of other people with the same issue, which one person referred to as the “curse of the Cherry Ripe”.

FFS. Super excited? Watching a kid overload on sugar? Its a freakin’  Cadbury easter egg, how do you get super excited over that?

Some people just have to be offended or outraged and post it on Facebook and the morons in the mainstream media have to make it headlines.

First world with it. Serves them right for buying Cadbury products and succumbing to the commercialisation of Easter.


– Fairfax


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  • Wayne Hodge

    No wonder so many have obese kids with bad teeth.

  • Gazza

    Pathetic, with everything else going on in the world and the media having the opportunity to keep the masses informed of world events (that actually matter) and we get this… wonder the world is going to hell in an hand cart

  • Left Right Out

    “Its a freakin’ Cadbury easter egg, how do you get super excited over that?”

    And I’m putting money on the fact that the word Easter isn’t even on the egg… so really it;’s just a chocolate egg

  • Mick Ie

    Maybe Cherry Ripes more Halal than the other chocolates?

  • RightofSingapore

    But we’re a first world nation, of course we’re going to have first world problems. Would people rather we have 3rd world problems like corruption, famine and civil war like in loser countries?

  • kereru

    Unbelievable. Is every day a trivia day with Farifax? Why do they give these juvenile rants oxygen? Keeping the sheeple ignorant and stupid I suppose.

    Note to Fairfax: There’s a big world out there struggling to keep your freedom to publish your junk freely. How about reporting on something that actually matters for a change insted of pandering to the lowest common denominator?

  • oldmanNZ

    Is it just me or that people don’t like cherry ripe?

    Its just lazy reporting, junior journo sitting at there desk looking for stories on fb.

    Even i could do thst all day. Actually, i think i do.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Oh well maybe that is the curse when one supports halal certified businesses for Christian seasons.
    I was super happy with my Lindt products hhmm yea thats right they are not halal certified

    • waldopepper

      yes, ever since the sydney siege ive been buying lindt chocolate as well for that reason. seems the least i could do.

  • KGB

    I love cherryripes! What a windfall!

    • johcar

      Exactly! If she doesn’t want them, send them my way!!

  • Rick H

    Serves them right for buying Cadbury.

  • Sailor Sam

    Even more reason for a fat people’s sugar tax.
    Cherry Ripes are fantastic.

  • Chris Bell

    Easter horror in NZ!!!! Someone must pay for this travesty……meanwhile in Pakistan Christian women and children die in a targeted Islamist suicide attack (and I had to really struggle to find this one in the Herald – it was an ‘also ran’ article) – Easter eggs take priority in teenage journalist minds

  • Red_NZ

    guess it comes down to Cherry Ripes being a Strayan favourite, as Cadburys was making their chocolates over there(not sure if they still are), head office probably tells them what the customer wants. Unfortunately for head office, New Zealands tastes are a lot different from their Strayan customers….. it’s a shame their products have gone down hill a lot since they started using palm oil and no longer “a glass and a half of full cream milk” in their products.

    • adam

      it entirely depends on the particular product where its made, some Aussie products are made in NZ and the same in reverse, the plants don’t double up like they used to, and they don’t really use palm oil in all their products either, more of a media beat up at the time really, but no surprises there.

  • Oh Please

    What do you expect when all Cadbury products are Halal certified?

  • Ross

    I see they’re back with an update… TWENTY people have complained, this is outrageous! Surely if a few more are affected they’ll be demanding a Royal Commission.

    On the bright side, Cadbury has responded just how they should have – “bad luck”

    • Aucky

      The Greens will be demanding a public enquiry over this.

      • Ross

        The Vegan Police will probably want to ban all chocolate for crimes against cows and cocoa

    • OneTrack

      It’s a crisis, a crisis I tell you.

    • FornaK

      Therell be an inquiry and it be JK’s fault.

  • XCIA

    It serves them right for buying Cadbury products, paying the Hal Lal fee and supporting god knows what.

  • LovetoTeach

    i LOVE cherry ripes and would have been stoked if that had have been my egg!

  • Old Dig

    If getting the wrong chocolate bar is your biggest problem then you know you live in a really good country.

    • kereru

      Or you have a misplaced idea of what constitutes a real tragedy

  • ExPFC

    Please forward all Cherry Ripes to me, love em I do.