Forget policies and popularity lets have a dance off


Politics and policies are so boring. Maybe politicians should run for office as if it was a talent quest. They could win us over with singing, dancing or even modelling. We could bring back the above two judges to decide which politician should get our vote.

With that in mind I introduce you to ‘ Dancing with the Politicians, ‘ Whaleoil style.




Andrew Little is back on the horse and he is dancing his heart out but can he win over the judges?


Prime Minister John Key sashayed to more sedate music, adding a touch of camp to the competition. A crowd favourite but will he win the title?


Judith Collins shook some Maracas until they begged for mercy, wowing the judges with her energy and enthusiasm.


Donald Trump is so laid back here he is almost horizontal. The judges don’t seem to be amused.


Vladmir Putin rocked a very nice suit and displayed some Russian rhythm. Some say his moves are a little too dated for modern Russia? Only time will tell.

giphy (1)

A disappointing display from President Obama who has become known for his dance moves throughout his presidency. Judges commented that he seems to sway too much to the left.


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  • hookerphil

    Bad memories of Putin, sure I looked like that one day occasionally.

  • Davo42

    Angry andys Gangnam style looks more like the out off control jack hammer style, Putin is going all “blue light rage” from the 80’s but looks the part in his dinner jacket, Crusher is nailing it and gets my vote.

  • Melissa

    Have to give it to Judith on this one, she’s like the energiser bunny!

    • kereru

      So that’s where he went!!

  • EvoDriver

    A post full of animated GIFs… my dream come true. I’m back in the mid-90s internet again!

  • BR

    Don’t forget this:

    FF to 0:37