Greens whine about Judith Collins’ letter, who declares them “silly”

Corrections Minister Judith Collins is urging MPs to visit prisons — but she’d like to know about it when they do.

She’s emailed all MPs reminding them they’re entitled to visit prisons but there are “certain expectations and protocols” that should be followed.

“Requests for visits should be directed via the Corrections private secretary in my office,” she says in the letter.

“They will ensure the right people in Corrections are contacted and will facilitate the arrangements for your visit.”

The Green Party’s corrections spokesman, David Clendon, has a problem with the letter.

“It suggests that in all circumstances MPs ought to inform or even seek permission of the minister before we enter a prison,” he told NZ Newswire.
“If I have urgent concerns about what’s happening in a prison I will continue to exercise my right to enter a prison at any time without going through the minister’s office.”

Ms Collins says she made the point in her letter that MPs have the right to visit prisons.

“I think David is being silly – he knows the protocols have been set up to help him, but he can go any time, anyway,” she said.

“I actually sent pretty much the same letter to MPs in 2009 when I was corrections minister the first time, new MPs might not know they’re entitled to visit prisons and it’s better to have the right people to take them around.”

There is a benefit to letting people know you’re coming.? For one, they may not have time for MPs who decide to do surprise inspections.? We have better things to do in this country.

But you got to love it.? Like scolded children: “I’M NOT ASKING FOR NO PERMISSION!”


And silly.


– Newshub