How much is your flag vote worth?

People are stupid.

A Trade?Me?user who was disgruntled with the?flag referendum tried?selling their vote.

“To protest the millions of dollars spent on the Flag Consideration Project, I am selling my NZ flag referendum vote,” the seller wrote on the auction ad.

“The winning bidder will decide which flag I vote for.”

The seller?said auction profit would go to a charity that could have benefited?”from the money needlessly spent on the Flag Consideration Project”.

In response to a question on the site about the auction’s legality, the seller responded by asking how “collecting money for charity” could be illegal.

Come Friday evening, the ad was gone, with a message saying an “administrator” had withdrawn it. ?

Trade Me?spokesman?Paul Ford said the “protest listing” had?attracted members’ complaints “pretty quickly”.

“Once it was drawn to our attention, our Policing team removed it from Trade Me.

“The complaints were about not having anything tangible for sale, and a couple of folks also pointed out that it was looking pretty dicey on the legal front too.

“We don’t like being the fun police and Trade Me has long been a place where our members have expressed points of view from time to time, but this was one which we think crossed the line.”

Giving,?lending,?offering or?promising money in exchange for a vote is an offence under the?New Zealand Flag Referendums Act.

Charge the fool. Unless of course they are Media party; they get a free pass…it’s the same as having a Labour party membership.

The number of people getting unhinged over a ratty bit of cloth is ridiculous.

I am not voting for change, but in the unlikely event it does change I won’t care either.

This guy is a fool though. He probably marches around declaring that John Key sold our democracy…but here?he is selling his.


– Fairfax