“I don’t think people have grasped how significant these numbers are”

Some sobering data on terrorism has been released

terrorism expert Steven Emerson’s nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) found that an average of nearly 30,000 people per year have been killed by terrorists since 2010, when terrorism’s death toll was 3,284. The study identifies two troubling trends: more attacks are happening, and they are deadlier than ever.

Emerson, the executive director of IPT, said,

“Everyone has known that terrorist attacks have generally been increasing yearly since 9/11. But the magnitude of the increase of the attacks surprised us, especially in the past five years. Even if you look back at the annual reports issued by the most senior analysts in the top five intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies, there is not one report that predicted or forecasted that we would likely see such a massive escalation of attacks.”

It’s out of control, and none of the Intelligence community predicted this. 


According to IPT data, from 2001-2006, there was an annual average of 2,508 terror fatalities around the world, which rose to 3,284 between 2007 and 2011. During 2012-2013, that average tripled to 9,537, and, in the past two years, that number tripled again, raising the death toll to the current annual average: 28,708 per year.

Emerson urged a comprehensive approach targeting the ideology of Islam itself:

“There has never been a U.S. or allied strategy to go after radical Islam. There have been, however, strategies to go after specific groups like Al Qaeda or AQAP or ISIS. But these are all subsets of radical Islam.”

Oh bugger.  Someone said it out loud.  But will the governments of the world have the guts to accept this?


Not sure if Western intervention has inflamed it.  It can also be argued that without intervention those numbers would be even worse.

But it’s a moot point.  The problem is growing exponentially.

IPT expects the wave of terror to continue to grow in 2016 and beyond, particularly in Asia and Europe, thanks to the migrant crisis on the latter continent: “With ISIS losing large swaths of territory as well as key commanders, its center of operational gravity definitely appears to be shifting to Europe, where it can recruit among the more than 30 million Muslims who live in Europe,” said Emerson.

“Add to this mix the fact that thousands of mosques in Europe are controlled by Salfists, Wahabists and the Muslim Brotherhood – which indoctrinate their followers, and you have a future recipe for a massive increase in Islamist terrorist violence.”

One way or another, even though that nice Muslim person you know isn’t personally responsible, somehow, collectively, world-wide, this is a problem that will not go away by ignoring it.

Islamist violence is directly related to how many you allow into your country.

Muslim immigration into New Zealand must be reviewed urgently to ensure we don’t import similar problems some decades down the line.


– Fox, via Truth Revolt


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  • Wheninrome

    This is a very sobering thought, particularly when it is now being acknowledged in overseas media i.e. The Telegraph that they now understand that the “lone wolf” attacks were actually part of a bigger plan, given that the security services in England have information garnered from one such “lone wolf” captured before he could do his attack.

  • Greg M

    This is exactly where the problem lies and it’s about time governments started to acknowledge it. Go after the ideology of hate that is behind it all instead of the stone age morons practising it. Get rid of them and more will fill the void, get rid of the ideology and the problem goes away.

    • MaryLou

      How do you go after an ideology? After all, socialism and communism are alive and well still? Not arguing your point, but… how?

      • Greg M

        The reformation needs to come from within, like what happened to the Christian religions a few hundred years ago.

        • MaryLou

          I would like to see that… unfortunately, they don’t seem to be that way inclined. Or not the troublemakers anyway. And being a Muslim seen to be supporting other faiths in any way seems to be a recipe for Valhalla, or whatever they call heaven!

          This is why I think (and I cringe to say it) Hillary is right about something – if we are to defeat the ideology as opposed to individuals, or even groups like ISIS, we actually need to keep the “moderate” Muslims onside rather than risk reprisals, or making outcasts of those who would lead or participate in reform. They put their own lives in danger by speaking out – and why would they do that, if they don’t have our support?

          We simply can’t wipe out every Muslim in the world, which is what would be required if we were to go all out militarily with no other strategy, they would just go underground, like Christians did. And resurface in much more dangerous ways. We need to champion those brave Muslim individuals who call for reform as much as we speak out about the atrocities of their brethren.

          • Mark D

            If the moderate muslims will not police their own communities / families / mosques then they are part of the problem. This pretense that it’s a tiny radical minority ignores that this stuff is being preached from the front in all the major islamic schools and that a majority in muslim countries support sharia law / honour killings / or other radical beliefs. This isn’t quite the case with the muslims living in western countries, however the current attacks in Europe are local muslims who in many cases have been here for generations. There is absolutely no excuse for continuing to allow muslim immigration and pretending it will be any different.

          • MaryLou

            Agreed. Nonetheless, if it holds true that those Muslims – and there are some/many (depending on your point of view) who would seek reformation and have integrated with their communities, and WOULD (and do) work with local authorities – then it follows that they need to be supported, protected and advertised. If they remain hidden, how do others follow their lead? And if we villify them along with the rest, how long do we expect them to continue their course?

  • R&BAvenger

    Terrorist-hugger in Chief, Obama’s foreign policy has a lot to answer for. The more you hug them, the worse it gets. You make statements about a ‘red line’ and do nothing significant in response in Syria, someone else (Russia) steps into the vacuum of your ineptitude.

  • NeverMindTheBoll

    The way to defeat an ideology is hearts & minds. At a practical level it starts with educating women & offering them opportunities – a concrete example is the micro loans pioneered by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh (a Muslim country). Women control the family & thus the next generation. It’s not quick & it’s not glamorous (no George Bush on the aircraft carrier declaring victory moment) but it’s got to be worth a try.

  • Duchess of Pork

    I hope our new Religious Diversity Centre (the one without Hindu, Buddhist or secular representation) will take these figures on board when commencing their own research into religious diversity in New Zealand, their specialist advice to policy-makers and the media and their religious diversity training for companies, agencies, unions and media and others. But I suspect what will follow will simply be more advice on solutions for preventing Islamophobia and pleas for further resources to integrate our newly arrived Syrian refugees and resident Muslims into the community.

  • Bryan

    would be interesting to take the Isis figures out of the above to get a clearer picture as to how much they have lead to the result.

  • Kevin

    We’ve fought this war before. The difference is instead of totalitarianism in the form of communism we’re fighting totalitarianism in the form of Islamism and instead of an enemy using conventional warfare tactics we’re facing an enemy that uses guerrilla warfare tactics.

  • Superman

    I have four questions and I think most of us know the answers:
    1. Is it not already too late for Western countries (including NZ) to do anything about the Islamic problem?
    2. Why is there no religious strife in Muslim countries that do not allow other religions to be practiced and keep their population homogenous (not counting Muslim countries that have split Islam into factions)? Examples are UAE, Jordan and Oman.
    3. Why aren’t these countries ostracized by the UN?
    4. Why do Muslims fleeing the terrible conditions in their countries choose to go to Western countries and not other peaceful Muslim countries?

    • Richard

      What utter rubbish. Clearly you would have asked in 1930’s Germany ‘is it too late to do anything about the Jewish problem?’
      Like the vast majority of Whaleoil contributors you clearly have zero actual knowledge of the Middle East.
      UAE, Jordan and Oman all have non-Muslim communities actively practising their faith – mostly Christian and Hindu, reflecting their very large ex-pat communities. Dubai has at least a dozen Christian churchs alone, not counting those in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah etc. Do you know all the emirates? Oh no that’s right, your ‘facts’ come from the internet.
      What an embarrassment.

      • Superman

        What a stupid answer. I suspect your real name is Muhammad. There never was a Jewish problem. There was a Nazi problem that was killing the Jews (and it was too late for the Jews in Europe) just like we have an Islamic problem today. You have no idea where I have been in the world.

        • Richard

          Of course I don’t know where you’ve been in the world but from your statements I don’t think it’s the middle east. I see you’ve completely edited your original question 2 to change it’s meaning without noting the edit.

          • Superman

            Never changed anything.

    • Judith Furlong

      Because it is the muslim agenda to take over the whole world!

      • Superman

        Thanks for a reasonable answer.

  • rexabus

    If it’s not already there, I’d like to see this information on the Prime Ministers desk by the morning. A couple of hours trawling through the Internet on the Muslim problem would provide another thick folder of other concerning data but this would do for starters

  • Richard

    I guess those who want to ban all people based purely on their religion, regardless of whether the individuals are “nice people” are the same nasty people that still talk about the “yellow peril” and “slitty eyes”.