Is this enough evidence Kelvin?

Kelvin Davis is chasing another passing bus and at the same time tying Labour into the whinging bludging Maori class.

MPs are calling for TVNZ to pull “racist” questions from its KiwiMeter survey.

Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis said parts of the survey – designed to find out how “Kiwi” we are – aimed at inciting racial intolerance.

The KiwiMeter survey asks New Zealanders questions about nationhood and, in the values section, touches on Māori culture.

One of the questions asks whether Māori should not have special treatment.

Labour’s Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis said the question was “out and out racism” and it needed to be removed from the survey.

“It just evokes images of Don Brash 2004:  implying that Maori have special treatment, I’d like to know what special treatment they’re talking about.

Oh, so we aren’t allowed to ask people’s opinions any more in case they get upset?

That sounds like a challenge…let’s list the special treatment for Maori shall we?   

Let’s start with Vote Maori Affairs. Total annual and permanent appropriations are $223,544,000. That is $223.5 million dollars specifically for Maori. On top of welfare, health and every other budget appropriation that also cover Maori. That is $223.5 million of special treatment right there.

Included in that is $40 million for Maori Television, a special television station specifically for Maori.

Whanau Ora, which is an additional funding mechanism based purely on race.

The total amount spent was $137.6 million, which was made up of:

  • $20.8 million (15% of the total) spent through the WIIE fund;
  • $67.9 million (49% of the total) spent through the Service Delivery Capability fund;
  • $6.6 million (5% of the total) spent through the funds for commissioning agencies; and
  • $42.3 million (31% of the total) spent on administration (including research and evaluation).

5.8 An extra $10 million has been transferred to Vote Health to pay for a Whānau Ora information system

That certainly looks like special treatment for Maori to me.

How about the Maori Statutory Authority in Auckland? Unelected, accountable to god knows whom and certainly not the ratepayers. They hold sway on every vote, and have now also created the Maunga Authority which has taken control of public assets like Mt Eden and One tree Hill and the other maunga in Auckland. What was once enjoyed by all is now fenced, gated off and controlled by Maori.

I haven’t even delved into treaty settlements. They just seem to be one-way traffic as well.

How about the Maori Liaison Officers of the Police? We have seen recent media coverage of Maori ratbags insisting that they can only be handled by Maori police officers. Is that not special treatment?

Every time an infrastructure project gets underway or nears completion we seem to get the emergence of a previously unknown taniwha that requires some really special treatment, usually in the form of cash, to make it go away. No other group in New Zealand gets to stand over organisations like that.

Once again Kelvin Davis has opened himself and his party up to ridicule by saying no special treatment exists for Maori…he is, of course, the Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tokerau…a Maori-only electorate: another special treatment of Maori.

If Labour bothered to pay their bills to UMR they’d know this approach isn’t a vote winner for them.


– Fairfax



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  • jaundiced

    No wonder he objects to even asking the question….

  • Tom

    “If Labour bothered to pay their bills to UMR they’d know this approach isn’t a vote winner for them.”

    Uh-oh, have Labour started doing a Dotcom and decided to start paying on the 20th of the month, where the month is a month that suits them and possibly may never arrive?

    • Sally

      The Labour Party will be hoping their bank doesn’t pull the pin on them.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The picture that was included on the Stuff article about this showed a very shiftily eyed
    Davis which was appropriate for his rant.
    The Farnow Ora is an overt cover for the separatist movement and there has never been a true evaluation of the benefits that the needy receive or not.
    While your list is a good start but it is far from where the forever time payments put this minority segment of the population as one of the biggest liabilities to the taxpayer.
    Whether measured pro-rata or by the pound these are the biggest single waste area of the public purse thus should be the next area to get the treatment and attention adopted with Public Service. Targets, and a measurable return to all taxpayers needs to be looked into to see if we are getting value for money. Any speculation on that?

  • Metricman

    When you are no longer allowed to discus that certain items are “undiscussable” you know that you are already over the precipice and its all straight to the bottom from here.

  • Jtbnz

    Special Treatment? Has he not read any legislation? Here is one at random from the Education Act 1989:

    171B Matters to be considered when appointing members
    When appointing members of a council, the Minister or council must have regard to subsection (1), but—
    must ensure that at least 1 member of the council is Māori;

  • Left Right Out

    Wow…… lets not even worry about the monetary gains for Maori regarding special treatment

    When you have to ask iwi if you can do something on your own property is that not special treatment
    When you insist the Govt do more to curb maori crime/imprisonment is that not special treatment
    When you have quota’s for uni subjects is that not special treatment

    I’m sure there are more, but man how can this guy not see any special treatment

  • cows4me

    I know of many hard working Maori that are tied of all this. This continually pandering to Maori is actually hurting Maori. Many of these so called benefits have little or no relevance to your common garden variety Maori. Some say many measures are separatist, divisive and are only really effecting the top echelons of the so called brown aristocracy. Quite a few that now live overseas have told me over the years they can’t be bothering dealing with all the crap that now goes on. What is suppose to support Maori is just enabling failure and the belief the world owes them a living and it’s only a matter of time before they get theirs. They are dreaming.

    • John Deere

      The hypocracy is probably lost on Kelvin.

      1.”Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis” member form maori based seat.
      2.On the radio he was promoted in the story as the” rep for the Maori faction of the labour party.
      they cant even write an article about him without some race based input..

      • cows4me

        I doubt hypocrisy worries Kelvin, self interest is more powerful than hypocrisy.

  • Usaywot

    I’m sorry but it has to be said, Davis is an idiot. What universe does he live in for crying out loud? It is about time non maori NZers stood up and objected to all this maori preferential nonsense. it is really getting my goat.

  • Dreadnaught

    Would be interesting to tally up the spend (cost) to our country over the last 20 years!
    Am sure there would be better ways to “Invest in our countries people.

  • Wheninrome

    The 21st century seems to be the “bend over backwards for minority century” . How on earth can mankind expect to progress when we keep looking backwards. Keeping on harping about the past and worrying about past injustices (imagined or real) will not change your life for the better, only getting out there and competing on an even footing with the rest of the world will do that. (Labour needs to rethink the idea of subsidies for farmers, that won’t work I lived through that as a child on a farm with a farming political father who worked tirelessly for their removal.) Slightly off track, but the sentiment holds true for most things, special treatment does nor assist normal healthy people, we should only be giving special assistance for those who cannot help themselves. Do Maori count themselves as special people who cannot help themselves so therefore in need of extra help.

  • Old Dig

    Doesn’t bother me if ‘racist’ questions are removed. It just means Labour and rest of their rabble will be even further distanced from the real opinions of real New Zealanders. They can stay in their little bubble of luvvy feelings all the way up to the next election for all I care.

  • WBC

    Kelvin essentially just announced that he is against the Treaty Tribunal and everything it does. He doesn’t want racial intolerance, great, disband the tribunal and end it’s intolerance.

  • ruawai

    All school board of trustees have to focus on maori and pacific Island under achievement and plan what they are going to do to improve it but european and other races that are underachieving are not the target as prescribed by the MOE

  • Dog Breath

    Thank you mod. My bad.