It’s official: we are keeping the NZ flag

The official results are out and they aren’t much different from the preliminary results:

The official flag results have been released, and there are no surprises.

The British ensign proved to be the victor with no real change in votes from the preliminary results: 1,208,702 (56.6 per cent) voted for the current flag and?921,876 (43.2%) voted for the silver fern contender.

The total votes received were 2,140,895 – but about 10,000 of those were either?invalid or it was unclear which flag the voter had selected.

Turnout for the referendum was at 67.78 per cent of the total number of people on the electoral roll as at 3 March – about 3.1 million Kiwis.

That is a very good turn out for a referendum. Certainly a stronger showing than many envisaged.

A total of ?of 1,200,003 people (56.6 per cent) voted to retain the ensign, with 915,008 (43.2 per cent) in favour of the silver fern design.

Some 8,000 more votes were counted since then in favour of sticking with the current flag, and about 6,000 for the new design.

I’m glad that is done. We can now focus on important issues.


– Fairfax