Labour candidate: ALL failing businesses should be propped up

Labour Candidate and windbag for Rotorua, Tamati Coffey, has doubled down on his support for loan defaulting farmers and now says “all businesses” should be propped up by government if they are failing.

This would include all businesses “from retail to innovation”!


Businesses fail for a reason.

They are either really bad at what they do or they are selling something that people don’t want at a price they don’t want to pay. This is how the free market works. Often a failed business will be bought up or replaced with a business that can do what the old business did, just better.

Does Tamati Coffey then think that the government should have bailed out Dick Smith because they couldn’t compete with online, Harvey Norman or Noel Leeming?

Is this now Labour Party policy?

Tamati Coffey is Labour spokesperson for Rotorua but is he singing?off the same song sheet as Andrew Little or has he gone renegade?

Is this Labour’s official opinion? One presumes a ‘spokesperson’ is speaking for the organisation they represent.


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