Media Party “disgusted” with the outrage they themselves have fuelled


So writes Jenna Lynch at Newshub.

Would you walk up to someone on the street and say you’d shoot them in the face with a shotgun? What about daring others to do the same?

No? Then why do it on the internet?

Paula Bennett is the latest in a string to be targeted with disgusting hate online.

Firstly there’s comments calling her a pig. Not only is that hugely unkind, it’s childish.

When I disagree with someone I usually try and have a rational debate with them.

But these people think it’s okay to go on the attack, not only name calling but calling for someone to be murdered.

Maybe I’m being naive thinking these are rational minded people. Maybe they’re irrational.

Well Jenna, it’s like this: all the media hype constantly vilifying politicians and other targets does actually find fertile ground. I have a whole folder of death threats and lesser threats of maiming, rape and even the digging up of my dead mother for sexual purposes to attest to that (funny how that never made it to Dirty Politics, eh?).

It is this constant barrage on unbalanced media coverage that has led to Key Derangement Syndrome. And it’s not just “Internet trolls” who pick up on it. Sue Moroney went all in on a private person’s beach home because they were flying a flag she didn’t like.

With the Media and (mostly) left-wing politicians and activists constantly fueling the fire, there will eventually be something that can not be undone.


Two different people, vowing that they’d shoot her or urging someone else to do it. Not only is it deplorable, it’s illegal.

Now there are refreshed calls for our politicians to be flanked by security everywhere they go.

Is that what we’ve come to New Zealand? Or can we agree now that the trolling has got out of hand, and collectively grow up.

Jenna, it’s not just the people on Facebook. It’s your colleagues too.

This isn’t “trolling” Jenna. This is much worse than that. It is a constant barrage of lies and twisted facts that is feeding the audience. There are major elements in the New Zealand media that are deliberately doing it, but won’t dare to point the finger at themselves – instead blaming “trolls” on the Internet.

Yea, right.

Who is fueling their hatred Jenna?



I’m past believing the New Zealand media can change. It’s only time before we have our own Gabby Giffords. It could be an MP, it could be an outspoken blogger or it could be you.

It is interesting you mention “grow up”, as that is what this blog did almost four years ago now when it realised it was part of the problem instead of part of a solution. Sadly, I believe the media to be self-deluded and incapable of recognising they play a major part in inciting violence towards people.


– Jenna Lynch, Newshub


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  • cows4me

    The media are burning the candles at both ends. One, they hope to shock and on the other side they hope to promote further madness, both ways sell in their eyes. Normal Kiwis will be shocked at threatening to kill headlines while the unhinged will be buoyed their antics has made the press and the media hope this will influence other unhinged. The media hope the unhinged will shift it up a gear and do something insane so the bulk of media consumers, normal people, will buy because of the headlines. Thus they repeat the cycle. It’s a bit like a sad soap opera, there has to be the nightly controversy to bring the punters back the next day. How you break this cycle, by ignoring the product but that requires a group effort.

  • waldopepper

    only a matter of time before some feral acts upon these suggestions. failure to prosecute the dildo thrower and a string of others has emboldened these people to the point that something really bad will happen sooner or later. maybe then the police will shut the stable door given that the horse has slowly ambled out and wandered down the road.

  • Nermal

    What does someone have to do to get arrested? Those ferals are inciting and threatening to kill for gods sake. And it’s in writing. I wonder if the police will do anything, and if not, at least explain why it’s ok to do this. If there is a gap in the law, it needs to be changed ASAP.

    • Superman

      If you threaten a Muslim or a person of colour the police will have you in irons before you can say Jack Robinson but the loonies of the left are untouchable.

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      You just need to be someone decent like John Banks and have left wing political enemies. That seems to be enough.

  • XCIA

    The trouble is that if some lunatic reads this rubbish and decides they are messages from god and starts a killing spree, no one especially the MSM will hold their hand up to encouraging this rubbish or facilitating it. Surely, it must behoove some branch of our law enforcement to act decisively now and create some examples here so others will take notice.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    It beggars belief that some “right minded” individuals, (no pun intended), can still support any party on the left, and in so doing, align themselves with the creatures responsible for the vilification and hatred expressed above.

    Even if Labour had the best policies in the world, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for them while they have the support of this lot.

    I want nothing to do with them.

  • JEL51

    Almost on an hourly basis the radio news-clip I listen to, will include phrases beginning with “?….accuse the government.. blah,blah,blah….” It is almost a compulsion for the news-team to include the negativity rants from minor MPs who don’t even hold seats.
    If the media went out of their way/did their job and reported on the positive things that Paula & co have achieved and there has been many, then perhaps they will garner some respect.
    So blaming the msm is not overstepping the mark. In the belief they need to fill that vacuum left by the opposition, the msm are as culpable in this as those pathetic voices that can’t even win a seat in Parliament.

  • rexabus

    I don’t understand what these people are getting in such a tizzy about. Gosh ,when I drive around doing my thing -and I’m about as far as you could get from being a fat capitalist( wish I was) – most people I see seem to be doing ok or better than okay these days. Sth auckland units with 50 inch tellies and most adults with a decent smartphone these days and I’m sorry, the so called beggars on Queen st don’t wash with me either. I know someone who knows one of them and he said they’re on a benefit and spend their takings not on food or rent or blankets to keep warm – their benefit covers that -or savings to improve their situation etc instead preferring to splash out on tobacco, booze and drugs. The left must hate it – our quality of life is just about as good as it’s ever been, and under a National govt!

  • Edward M Blake

    Unfortunately this is all that is left of the left after the great neo liberal purge.
    We couldn’t possibly expect them to come up with a coherent argument. Spouting hate and noise is all the are capable of. Perhaps if thinking was within their grasp they would most likely be doing something useful.

  • Joe Banana

    Finally! It has arrived :senility” and here I thought CYBER BULLYING was a crime.
    I must get myself checked out “if I remember”

  • Mike

    Illegal yes… but sadly I doubt the Police will ever bring charges against the individuals who think it’s ok to threaten somebody, much like they have yet to prosecute anyone for offences committed over the last couple of elections.

    NZ Police should not be put in the position where they determine whether something is worth prosecuting or not… they should investigate, gather evidence and then pass it onto the courts to determine how to proceed. And that should be done without Government or opposition (and I include the media in that group) interference.

  • DoomAndGloom

    I am no legal expert, but as you mentioned above this hate speech is illegal right? So how do we get this looked into? Can I lay a complaint with the police or does Paula have to do it?

    This is not okay, nothing to do with left vs right, I would feel the same if it was anyone getting threatened like this, the fact that is a high profile person just makes it more likely one of these scum will actually act upon it. Dildos one minute…bullets the next, its not such a big leap.

    • Rick H

      I expect McCready to take up this one and get them into court.


  • Bruce Rayner

    threatening to kill is a crime, regardless on how you threaten it. Why arent these notes being treated as such?