Misogyny may be legal (and funny on occasion) but it isn’t good for business


A popular restaurant on Auckland’s Ponsonby Rd has drawn the ire of one diner and many more online over sexist language in its signage.

Miss Moonshine’s restaurant has decorated its men’s bathroom doors with lewd slogans drawn in chalk.

They include messages such as: “The pill is the second best thing a woman could put in her mouth to keep her from getting pregnant” and “Why did God give men penises? So they would have at least one way to shut women up”.

Straight from the Wicked Campers marketing book. 

Diner Peter Goodman said he complained to management on Monday but was told the owners wanted the signs kept up.

Goodman said he first noticed them when his young son began reading the signs aloud.

“Luckily it was one of the tamer ones. I was able to bustle him to the sinks before he started asking too many questions.”

Goodman said he was offended by the misogynistic nature of the messages, especially at a family-friendly restaurant where children could see them.

He said it was the one downside of the visit. “The food is delicious, the staff are great. The owners have let them down here, I hope they remedy the situation responsibly.

There is just one huge and significant difference between this restaurant and Wicked Campers: it’s not in public and it is not shown to women, although I suspect male children may still be exposed to it.

If the owners want it kept up, so be it. It’s their choice.

It’s still a free country and misogyny isn’t illegal.

In the end this is another Twitter pile on. Don’t eat there. Or do. It’s a choice.


– Stuff


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  • Mark

    Seems the reporter is not at all curious as to what messages were in the Ladies loos?

    • The reporter simply rewrote a facebook post by one of the patrons

      • Oh Please

        Man, what did reporters do before Facebook and Twitter?

  • Davydz

    Now the owner is getting free publicity. Will probably get new people into the shop and if the food is good some will be back. If he loses a few he may consider them the sort of customers he doesnt mind losing. As you say his chose and the customers, take it or leave it.

  • john Doe

    I’m no prude but I don’t need to be subjected to this sort of humor(?). Sure I can choose not to visit this establishment however there is no place to go when parked behind a Wicked Camper at the lights. Freedom of expression that is offensive to others is crass to me.

  • Usaywot

    True about not visiting if you don’t like them but how would you have known about the signs until you saw them, before this publicity. I wouldn’t want my grand children viewing them

  • Aucky

    I do have a problem with Wicked Campers broadcasting their witticisms to the whole world but Miss Moonshine’s were restricted to a select audience of adult males and given the demographics of the restaurant’s patronage a mature male audience. I’m not totally condoning Miss Moonshine but there is a difference.

    As an aside, we’ve eaten there three times in recent weeks and the tucker is very good.

  • Mr_Blobby

    If I ever need to hire a camper, it will be a wicked camper.

  • Superman

    The last sentence of the post says it all. If you don’t like it don’t go there. Same with Wicked Campers.