More casualties of Brussels: freedom of association and freedom of speech

Belgian police briefly used water cannon to control several hundred rowdy protesters in central Brussels after they ignored an official call for marches to be postponed following last week’s bombings.Amid fears of further attacks, officials wanted to give police the scope to focus on investigations which have widened to other countries, leading to the arrest of an Algerian in Italy and intelligence cooperation with Germany. Police carried out 13 new raids in Belgium itself.

Hundreds nevertheless gathered at the Bourse to express solidarity with the victims of the suicide bomb attacks at Brussels airport and on a rush-hour metro train. Thirty-one people were killed, including three attackers, and hundreds more injured. Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

Most of the protests were peaceful but white-helmeted riot police used the water cannon against a group of protesters, many of whom local media described as right-wing nationalists, who burst on to the square chanting and carrying banners denouncing Islamic State.

“It is highly inappropriate that protesters have disrupted the peaceful reflection at the Bourse (stock exchange). I strongly condemn these disturbances,” Prime Minister Charles Michel said according to Belga news agency.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said the group were “scoundrels”.

Labeling the people “right wing nationalists” doesn’t actually get around the fact that they were engaged in lawful protests.

And to have your own prime minister condemning people that are protesting against the Islamic problems that underlie the Brussels terrorist attack is as gob smacking as it is deeply offensive.

Europe are seriously munted when they continue to elect leaders that are willing to put the needs of one section of the population ahead of all others.

Nobody ever thought that the Roman Empire could fall, but it did.?? I suspect that the Islamification of Europe will be looked back on in a few hundred years as the fall of Western democracy, and the start of a second “dark ages”.


– Reuters via ODT