Nasty lefty asshole Anthony Hubbard orders you to vote for change

Anthony Hubbard is one of the more spiteful and nasty journalists still with a job in New Zealand.

When he isn’t attacking the government he is working on new projects to attack the government.

Today it appears the Sunday Star-Times has gone all in to promote the change for the flag, and they’ve even let Anthony Hubbard out of the shadows to moan.

Our flag is not just absurd, it’s laughable. “New Zealand,” it says, “still British after all these years.”

“Kiwis,” it says, “colonial and proud.”?”Don’t disturb,” it says, “still asleep in the 19th?century.”

As a symbol of modern New Zealand, the half-pie Union Jack is merely embarrassing.?Anything would be better than this, which is why we should go for the alternative Silver-Fern-plus-Southern-Cross. It’s not much of a flag, but at least it would be ours.

Some call it the rugby flag, a tea-towel that’s worse than that old British thing.?No, it’s not. If you visit New Zealand war graves in Europe, an experience that shakes the soul and tells you who you really are, you will find a silver fern on every tomb.


Anthony Hubbard

I love this argument…so…Mr Hubbard is saying our flag should reflect tombstones? Really? That’s your argument?

Flag “experts” say the design is sort of naff, and maybe they’re right. But ho-hum is better than plain stupid, and this is the only choice we will get.?Don’t believe the people who say we can have another go later. If John Key gets a hiding over this, as seems likely, no other government will touch it for decades.

A Labour-led government can’t go there. Labour has shown that when it comes to the flag they are an odious bunch of hypocritical cowards.?Labour is the party of independent nationhood and necessarily supports a non-colonial flag, but it decided to use the referendum as a stick to beat Key with.

Ratting on your own beliefs for political advantage is gutter politics and it doesn’t work. People despise you for it.?So if you want a flag that says New Zealand is its own country, you have to go for the tea-towel.

So, he is angry at Labour as well…I can’t wait until he gets to Effing John Key. He’s right though, people do despise the hypocrisy of Labour…especially Anthony Hubbard.

John Key is not just a monarchist, he’s a lick-spittle monarchist. You can’t keep kissing the Queen’s foot and sucking up to William and Kate and then go all nationalist over the flag.?So people laugh at his project as mere vanity and farce.

But we need to lift our sights. What matters more, abolishing the official symbol of colonialism or carping about politicians?

Only lefties moan about colonialism. They forget that colonialism gave us our laws, our parliament, our land titling system; almost everything that we enjoy has come from our colonial past. About the only thing that hasn’t is the animism and stone-agism gifted us by Maori “culture”. Does anyone seriously think that there would have been an Ernest Rutherford arise out of Maori “culture”, or Sir William Hamilton, the inventor of the Hamilton jet. What about Godfrey Bowen who invented modern sheep shearing techniques? Bill Gallagher? Richard Pearse? And don’t forget John Britten.

This whining about our colonialism and removing it from our flag ignores the significant contribution that the United Kingdom has provided us in our collective past. If it hadn’t been the British and their willingness to sign a treaty then it could just as easily been the Dutch or the French and I think life might have been considerably different had that been the case…especially for Maori.

At least Hubbard and I agree on?the?silly cost argument.

While we’re dealing with silly arguments, let’s talk about cost. The claim that $26m is a large number is wrong. The claim that it would be better spent on hip operations is daft.

Last year the government spent more than $94 billion. The cost of the flag referendum is therefore a mere 0.00027 per cent of the budget.?It’s a piffling price to pay for the important democratic act of choosing our national symbol.

Shame there wasn’t an important constitutional event to?hang the new flag on, which is probably why their campaign to change will?fail. But you know you are winning when the writer insults the RSA.

Another dopey argument is the RSA’s: “We died for that flag.” No, they didn’t.?I’ve interviewed a lot of old soldiers over the decades, and they were among the most moving encounters a journalist can have. Not one of them said he went to war for the flag.

Most said they went for adventure and because their mates were going. All of them said that in the heat of battle they fought for their mates.

It wasn’t about the flag. That’s just what reactionary generals say in peace-time.

Of course, the RSA will say they also fought so bitter old lefties like Anthony Hubbard can moan without fear of the secret police taking him away for re-education. But he’s wrong you know. I’ve read my great grandfather’s letters from when he enlisted and after he was shipped out from Gallipoli with terrible wounds. His photos, letters and poems don’t at all reflect Hubbard’s editorialising of why people went to war.

The real reason Key’s project will fail is that on this issue most voters are asleep. They can’t see the gap between their current flag and the reality of modern New Zealand.?A minority also feel threatened by the change. It suggests that monarchy and Coronation Street might not go on forever, and this is a troubling thought.

Let’s be honest. The reason for changing the flag is also the reason we must become a republic. It is preposterous that the Queen of England is our head of state, but lots of people still don’t get it.

The flag debate begins the agonisingly long process of helping them see the light. One day New Zealand will realise the monarchy has nothing to do with us and we will become a republic. At that point a change of flag will be inevitable and natural.

That won’t happen in the lifetime of an elderly journalist.?But the colonial flag has now been called into question, and that is the beginning of the end for it.

“New Zealand, still British after all these years.”?Do we really believe that?

No we don’t believe that. We believe that now is not the right time to change the flag and most certainly not because some politicians and media luvvies want us to change it.

His arguments are ludicrous, as is the change group’s…somehow they think changing one bit of tatty cloth for another will solve all the ills of NZ. It won’t.

The flag debate was always about republicanism, and until both Helen Clark and Jim Bolger are dead I can’t even contemplate such an outrage.


– Fairfax