Nasty party at it again

Sue Moroney epitomises the Nasty party.

She is just plain awful and the reason why National MPs want her to stand against them…so they can increase their majorities.

She has taken to Twitter to post a picture of some random person’s house flying the Lockwood flag and decided to attack them for it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.00.32 PM

One can only imagine what she would have tweeted if they were flying an American flag.

The silly thing is Labour still has it as their policy to change the flag. It beggars belief that Sue Moroney feels she can attack an innocent person who was showing his own preference for the flag referendum.

Someone should take her aside and point out that using her logic people who own race horses and live in the swanky part of Matamata shouldn’t also have a say on the flag.

Sue Moroney and Labour are clearly intent on continuing to reinforce the belief that they are the Nasty party, the party of criminals, bludgers and with no respect for freedom of expression.



Sue Moroney, Labour?list MP and candidate?for Hamilton West,?answered her questions?in 9 minutes.

How old are you? 50. 

You have half a million to spend in your electorate, what would you spend the money on? I’d spend it on children and ensuring that no child lived in poverty. 

…What type of car do you drive? I drive a very old Audi. 

Do you own a beach house? Yes.

…Twitter or Facebook??Facebook. 

…Are you a landlord? Yes. 

What’s your highest qualification? ?I have a certificate in labour and trade union studies and a diploma in journalism. 

…Would you describe yourself as working class, middle class or upper class? ?Middle class. 

Who do/did your parents vote for?  I’ve never asked them, but they were dairy farmers from Walton, so I suspect they might have voted for the other crowd. 

…Biggest pet peeve? I have a lot of them. I think people who portray themselves as one thing, but are quite different to that. 

– Waikato Times