No defence in Dangerous Denmark


In another truth is stranger than fiction story we have the remarkable tale of a young woman escaping her would be rapist in Denmark. In Denmark like here in New Zealand women are not allowed to carry anything to defend themselves with. They are not allowed to carry mace, pepper spray,  a baton or a baseball bat.They are most certainly not allowed to defend themselves with a gun of any description.

Women in Denmark are in a lot more danger than the average New Zealand woman. In many areas they are regularly harassed by asylum seekers and feel unsafe. Unsurprisingly due to the increased rape and violence statistics in Denmark since the mass immigration of migrants,  some of them are arming themselves for protection despite the law telling them they are not allowed to protect themselves.

A 17-year-old girl in Denmark has seen a wave of support after police threatened to fine her for using pepper spray to fight off a sex attacker.

The teenager told police Wednesday evening that she was sexually assaulted by a dark-skinned English-speaking man near a migrant asylum center in central Sønderborg. She said the man knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her before she was able to fight him off with her pepper spray, which is illegal in Denmark, The Local reported.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told the Danish channel TV Syd.

The man who allegedly attacked the girl fled the scene and has not been charged. It is unclear if the man was an asylum seeker or refugee.

Numerous readers wrote in the comments section on TV Syd’s story about the incident that they would be willing to pay the girl’s fine, which will most likely be 500 kroner, or $730, The Local reported.

The news comes after several female residents in Sønderborg reported earlier this month that they felt harassed by some of the asylum seekers in the area. A nightclub in the town has gone as far as barring guests if they cannot speak Danish, English or German.

As far as I’m concerned $730 is cheap at the price. Laws in Denmark like the one prohibiting women from carrying pepper spray need to be changed. The streets are no longer safe for Danish woman and if the government cannot protect them they have no option but to protect themselves.


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  • papagaya

    If Labour ever gets back in, it will similarly want to open the floodgates to Muslim refugees.

    • XCIA

      Yes, it will because both Labour and the Greens see it as their destiny to turn us into the Scandinavia of the south.

    • Her Shadow

      Yes indeed. Last September Andrew Little was wittering on about increasing the quota, he offered no less than four suggested increased amounts, and then announced it should probably be even more, after comparing Lebanon’s population with NZ and their intake of one million. Apparently he “doesn’t want to see truckloads of refugees frying in the midday sun”.

  • Mikex

    “if the government cannot protect them”, In fact the Danish government is the source of the risk. They are the idiots who promoted bringing in truckloads of men with the mind set of 7th century brigands and rapists and then letting them loose.

  • Woody

    If the situation gets to the same level of safety for the women in my family, I would be doing my utmost to ensure their safety.

    i note that we have had 2 stories today about people getting in trouble with the law for defending themselves. What has civilization come to that protecting ourselves against those who would do you harm is a criminal offense. The injustice is compounded when the offender is given a hug and sent on his way to be able to repeat the offense.

    • Metricman

      Come on Donald, the world needs you. An end please to the PC BS.

    • Digger

      Please note that these stories are from Denmark and Australia. We don’t yet know how vigorously the home owner defended himself. On the face of it he appears to have got a bit carried away. Being charged with murder is one thing – something the Police must do in circumstances where there is a death at the hands of another – it’s now down to the judge and jury to decide whether he is guilty.

  • cows4me

    You have to wonder who the wrong doers really are. My money is on these useless tits that are Liberal governments, they have destroyed individual rights as in the right to self defense. I love how liberals bark on about human rights, human rights my arse they are more about removing individual freedoms and control . The liberal mindset can not handle the thought that individuals might have the right to defend themselves, the state is and always will be the purveyor of justice and to be damned if you stand up for yourself. It’s all about conditioning, individuals believing in the right of self defense challenges the state and this scares the state as a belief such as this could take hold, God forbid.

    • Hard1

      What really gets up my nose is Judges who think that the person BEING attacked must have a measured response not exceeding the attackers force. We are not ex-Marines. Fight or Flight and adrenaline takes over and we stop defending when we lose or win. There must be a basic human right to self-defense, somewhere in history.

      • cows4me

        Since when has human rights really meant human rights. The human rights nonsense pushed by progressives, the UN, is more about the rights of the few to control the many by way of law that is claimed to be progressive, fair , equal to all etc. It’s usually law that empowers big government and stifles individual freedoms for the so called the greater good .

    • Mike Webber

      New Zealanders may use force including firearms as this part of the crimes act states. However about 1973 the police decided to prosecute anyone using a firearm and have done so. They have lost every case but still do it. The police operate under the same law, or used to, I am not sure about that as there were some changes in the eighties. They do have access to a lot more weapons than we are allowed.


      Section 48 of the Crimes Act 1961 provides justification, which means a person is not guilty of an offence and not liable to any civil proceeding, for using self-defence in some circumstances to protect themselves or others.

      Section 48. Self-defence and defence of another – Every one is justified in using, in the defence of himself or another, such force as, in the circumstances as he believes them to be, it is reasonable to use.

      Section 48 does not provide immunity from prosecution for using self-defence. Unless the circumstances clearly show the force used was appropriate and in self-defence, the person who has used the force may have to explain their justification to a criminal court.

      There are also circumstances in which a person, and anyone acting lawfully to assist the person and under his authority, is justified in using reasonable force to protect his property. This includes resisting having something taken by a trespasser, defending his dwellinghouse from someone breaking in, and preventing trespassing and removing trespassers, but does not permit a person to strike or do bodily harm to the trespasser in the process.

      • cows4me

        It all requires someone to make a judgment call while they are under extreme pressure. I note the professionals, the police have made quite a few bad judgment calls while under pressure but enjoy the full support of officialdom while individuals are usually hounded through the courts. I think the law sucks in these cases.

  • Spiker

    The $750 fine may seem cheap but the conviction will be life long & seriously restrict travel plans. Laws restricting the means of personal protection need repealing.

  • HR

    Good grief…if these would be rapists got given some decent summary justice once in a while they would be a lot more reluctant to offend. Tasers, pepper spray, mace should all be encouraged. You have nothing to fear from them if you aren’t intending on doing something that would require their use in defence.

  • GerardB

    It is sad that you can’t defend yourself with reasonable force.

    • Digger

      Oh but you can. Section 48 of the Crimes Act 1961 copied below:

      Self-defence and defence of another

      Every one is justified in using, in the defence of himself or herself or another, such force as, in the circumstances as he or she believes them to be, it is reasonable to use.

      • Hard1

        You cannot use reasonable force in a fight. Take it from me. Everything is split second, reactionary. If you start to think, you lose. You can stop when he’s not moving, that’s about it.

        • Digger

          I agree – stop when the threat ceases to exist. But if you were to continue to punch, kick, stab or whatever then that’s when ‘reasonable’ ceases to be a defense. I’m guessing that’s why the Australian guy got charged – he possibly continued to strike the burglar after he was rendered incapable.

    • Miss Phit

      The magic words.

      “I was in fear of my life and my families lives”. And if said by a woman it holds more magic…

    • spanishbride

      Why does the force have to be reasonable? That really annoys me. The Israelis have the only country in the world that is expected to use reasonable force to defend themselves. Every other country including America are allowed to be unreasonable. Case in point would be the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during WWII. It wasn’t reasonable force but it ended America’s war with Japan.

      My Dad told me that in a fight with a man I am at a distinct disadvantage. In a fight for my life against a gang of men trying to rape me I am totally outnumbered. Reasonable force is not going to save me from an unreasonable situation. I fight to win just like my Dad taught me. That includes fighting dirty and being unreasonable.The minute a man or men decide that they want to hurt/rape me they lose their right to be treated as reasonable human beings.
      I will kill them if that is what it takes to defend myself.

  • Hard1

    Simply put, police should be subject to the same laws. No tasers, no pepper spray, no batons, no dogs, no guns. Let them tough it out like they force Joe Public to do. If we don’t need defense then the police don’t need defense either. If police do need them to protect themselves, then why do police charge people who are protecting themselves. We often hear “Police are people too”. Yeah, well people are people too. The police are sending the message that “you may not defend yourself, the attacker is one of us, that’s why we protect the attackers.”

    • XCIA

      Its the mindset of parliament we need to change. The police only uphold the laws they make. We need to vote in a government that will give us a greater self defence lattitude if we want to see any meaningful change.

      • Hard1

        Police have far more discretion than they make out.

    • friardo

      That’s a very good argument, inarguable really, so good that it is wasted on us the converted, but what a good line for say David Seymour or a right wing National party MP with guts, if you can find one.

  • Clutch Cargo

    OK guys, stop ya whinging unless you are prepared to do something about it. Yes, I know it’s outrageous, yes it does offend me that such injustices are happening around the world. And yes, I know that ultimately we will follow suit in Godzone if we dont wake up.
    While we angrily tap away on our keyboards posting on a blog of mostly like minded people, how many have actually confronted their local polly and made it really clear that your vote cannot be taken for granted if they fail to take a position on such matters.
    There is a very rich vein of political capital to be mined by representing the views of middle NZ. All it takes is for one politician, no matter what affiliation, to pick up the baton and start advancing the concerns that are expressed here… and order……one law for all….imigration…….gun control……..far deal for all……..the list just goes on. Does this politician exist?….are they in your electorate?. One of the greatest things about NZ is our ease of access to our elected representatives. It’s not hard to pop down to your local electorate office and have the chat. You may think that your lone voice wont make a difference but you are not alone…….just not connected yet. Think of all of the interest groups that would kick in behind, Sensible Sentencing, Rape Crisis, Womens Refuge, Deerstalkers Assn, Grey Power, RSA to name a few. One thing is for sure, the howls of outrage from the left would ensure saturation media coverage!

    • kereru

      Our local MP is utterly useless – all he knows is to feather his own nest and avoid a speeding fine by getting the speed limit raised. He has sat on his safe seat because it’s a blue ribbon area and no other party has ever fielded anyone worth voting for. We’ve felt ourselves to be disenfranchised for the last 25+ years.

  • Oh Please

    This, and the murder charge against the person burgled in Aus, are symptomatic of the problems with policing world wide. Policing is no longer about keeping the public safe and ensuring the law is upheld, it is about statistics and clear-up rates. This woman broke the law, that’s a crime solved and the statistics improved. No interest in the sexual assault, as it won’t be solved and so the stats will be reduced. Policing needs to go back to fundamentals – is it about stopping the bad guys or not? I’m starting to doubt my upbringing, because it seems that morality is not in my best interest.

    • Clutch Cargo

      Never ever question your upbringing and morality. When all around you is turning to turds, your values and morality are the only constant in your life, it is your home base. No one can ever take that from you.

  • Odd Ball

    Or to put it another way, you spent @ $300 to hassle the main contenders & try to hold them to account in front of a series of live audiences (meet the candidates meetings).
    Money well spent.
    (I stood for parliament in 2008)

  • Her Shadow

    And Islamonausea will be the gut response from many, I have no doubt. Fortunately the fixed quota of refugees hasn’t increased. Yet.