Oh look! North Korea have got a copy of Adobe After Effects

Just like North Korea have used Photoshop to achieve amazing military things as a country, just like Iran’s space monkey (a favourite of Pete’s), they have stepped it up and gone from stills to video!

North Korea has released a new propaganda video threatening a nuclear attack on Washington DC, the capital of the United States.

The four-minute video (below), menacingly titled ‘Last Chance’, recounts the history of US-Korean relations and ends with an animation of a submarine-launched nuclear missile surging through clouds, swerving back to Earth and slamming down in front of Washington’s Lincoln Memorial.

After the city is laid to waste, the video concludes with the US flag in flames and a message translated as: “If US imperialists budge an inch toward us, we will immediately hit them with nuclear (weapons).”

Here it is. You can see they’re not as familiar with the software as they should be, yet, but as a first effort it’s better than most could do it.

Pyongyang’s rhetoric has been heating up in recent weeks since the launch of annual South Korea and US war games.

Seoul and Washington made the already large-scale joint drills larger than ever in response to the rogue East Asian nation’s nuclear test in January and rocket tests a month later.

What amuses me no end is that they clearly assume that the western world is going to believe this sort of rubbish.


– Newshub