Bloody Political underwear makes more than one point



In an attempt to shame politicians who are pro-life, a range of period underwear has been launched in America. Unintentionally, one of the points they have made is not one that they intended. Periods are about blood and abortionists have blood on their hands. Every single abortion results in bleeding and stops a beating heart. The period underwear makers donate $3 from every sale to an organisation that performs abortions, which links them forever in my mind to bloody death.

As my children would say, it is an epic fail and one ripe for brutal satire that is meant to offend. (If you are pro-abortion or find dead babies offensive or upsetting, stop reading now.)

For one US company, that means period underwear that makes a political statement. Cute Fruit Undies, an Etsy shop based in Washington state, is selling underwear with the faces of anti-abortion rights politicians printed right on the lining.

The underwear are also moisture-wicking, leak-proof, and antibacterial, so they sound pretty ideal, on top of hilarious.

Hilarious? I suppose it is if you think that bleeding all over the face of someone who has a different political view to you is funny. Next thing they will release an adult diaper range so that you can poo all over the politicians of your choice.

It’s one way to send a message to Sarah Palin and Donald Trump (and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul), even if really all you’re getting is a bit of personal satisfaction.

They’re US$29.99 (NZ$44.60), and of that, US$3 goes to Planned Parenthood, an organisation that often struggles for funding. The underwear also comes with microwavable heat packs to help with cramps, which is a practical thought


Aren’t Planned Parenthood the ones caught selling aborted baby parts for cash with the result that a number of States are now defunding them?

The capper is that PP President Cecile Richards announced not long ago that PP would no longer take money for body parts. As Michelle Malkin marvelously put it in her headline: “Planned Parenthood will stop taking payment for baby parts their defenders said they never sold.”

-Life news .com

Period underwear is all about blood and my version of their range (prepare to be offended) includes a bloody example of a 10-week-old human life destroyed by abortion. I am offended by abortion. It is a gruesome and brutal act that no one should ever make light of, whether or not they support it.

Hands of a baby aborted at ten weeks photo shopped onto a pair of Political period underwear by

Hands of a baby aborted at ten weeks photo shopped onto a pair of Political period underwear by

$3 from every pair sold goes towards funding abortionists. I think that it is only fair that the underwear should be an accurate reflection of the most lucrative service Planned Parenthood provides.


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  • hookerphil

    Society is reaching into depths of awfulness with regards to actions some concerns are willing to take.

  • Miguel

    Man, I wish there’d been a warning for that last image….

    • spanishbride

      There was. I was careful to include it. I am sorry you missed it.

      ‘ (If you are pro-abortion or find dead babies offensive or upsetting, stop reading now.)”

  • Usaywot

    Abortionists kill babies. End of. You can dress it up all you like but that’s the truth. The poor babies are killed because they are an inconvenience.

    • Isherman

      Cant argue with that, they do, and I’m not taking a ‘pro’ position on the subject here, but I would make one observation. That is, that we also have a seemingly growing number of ratbag ferals who become ‘parents’ or partners of ‘parents’ (for lack of a better term), who also kill their babies, well after birth, because they are an inconvenience in one way or another, and to be fair, sometimes I wonder which is worse…given the state of the short life some of these kids have.

    • Mick Ie

      I will never support abortion as an alternative to using contraception but telling a victim of rape/incest that their decision to have an abortion is killing an ‘inconvenient’ baby is just wrong in my opinion.

      • xennex
      • Shane Ponting

        Punishing the child for the father’s crime makes absolutely no sense. I prefer the states where the rapist is forced to pay the mother money for the rest of his life whilst being barred from ever having contact with the child.

  • XCIA

    Remembering cousin Tuku’s extravagant politicized undergarments, it should be compulsory for all MP’s on attaining office to be fitted out with undergarments made of horse hair to help focus their minds when the House is sitting.

  • metalnwood

    This is truely bizarre but then again the fringes of opposing sides do bizarre things and dont represent your average Joe in the middle, whichever side they fall on.

  • KatB

    Wow not a lot to say about this really. The Pro Abortion lot must really think they’re losing to stoop to this level. Nothing clever, funny or admirable about this. To think there’s PETA getting all upset about Kate Middleton wearing possum lined gloves while on a ski trip, but lets not worry about the slaughter of human babies, no, we’ll just make a “light hearted” advertising campaign out of that.

    • metalnwood

      Is that entirely fair? Can you equally say that pro life has stooped for bombing clinics or can you really only lay them blame on a few, not all of them?

      • KatB

        I guess that’s a fair comment and I guess Planned Parenthood won’t be accepting one cent of the money made from the sales of this underwear so not to be tarred with the same brush.

        • metalnwood

          Well that part I dont know, maybe they will accept it.

          • KatB

            So if Planned Parenthood do accept it, it’s not just the fringes condoning this then and these undies are getting the support of a mainstream pro abortion organisation. The bombings of abortion clinics has never been an acceptable way of protesting. No Pro-Lifers I know would accept that method of protest as anything other than criminal and wrong.

          • metalnwood

            I guess there is always the trap in taking something a small number of people do and making it represent more than it does.

            When you do that then you have to own what ‘your’ side does even if you don’t like it or dont agree with it.

            I would imagine that if they know about it they wont. It wont account for much money. It might have got high awareness but I dont think it will sell a lot. I bet it is just as repulsive to most pro choice as it is to everyone else.

          • phronesis

            I would have thought that in cases like this where an organisation like PP is named as part of an advertising campaign that there must have been some prior approval to use the name.

      • LesleyNZ

        It is fair. Reputable prolife organisations have never stooped so low or condoned the bombing of abortion clinics. It is usually a rogue prolifer who has other problems and issues in their life and most likely mentally unbalanced.

        • metalnwood

          I think you missed my point. My point was that is is hard to take one single thing and then say ‘see how pro-choice has stooped so low’.

          If you do that then you must take responsibility for your side. I am sure you dont need to trawl google for too long to find what pro-life advocates do on a similar scale, ignoring the bombings, arsons, assassinations, murders etc done by pro-life nutbars.

          There are nutbars on both sides. If you want to single out nutbars on one side then the nutbars on your side are fair game too and trust me, pro-life nutbars are in a different league.

    • Keyser Soze

      I don’t think anyone is ‘pro-abortion’ and most would view themselves as pro-choice. I don’t think referring to an abortion as the ‘slaughter of human babies’ helps much either. You don’t want to have an abortion? Don’t have one. You don’t want your daughter to have one? Fine, those are the morals you may have some success at passing on to her. There are lots of reasons women have abortions and nobody should dictate to anyone else what they can or cannot do with their bodies. Sure some people will have terminations for what you might think are the wrong reasons but is it so difficult to accept that others view it differently? The world would be a happier, more peaceful place if people stopped trying to impose their moral view on others.

      • phronesis

        I’m definitely pro-choice. Of course no women should be told what they “can or cannot do with their bodies (sic)”. The problem I have is with the killing babies part. That’s the inconvenient bit.

        • Keyser Soze

          Riiiight so, no woman should be told what do do with their body…. unless they fall pregnant? Then they just have to do as they’re told? By the government? By you? By me? Who gets to decide? All of us get together and have a chinwag?

          Of course I love the emotive language because nobody can be pro-‘killing babies’ right? But this where we’ll just have to agree to disagree – I say a foetus that cannot live outside its mother is not a ‘baby’. The sperm meets the egg and conception occurs, is that a baby? So we ban the morning after pill because that would ‘abort’ the ‘baby’? So let’s just stop the sperm getting to the egg. Oh no, can’t do that either, contraception also being against the teachings – every sperm is sacred and all that. But I digress… The point at which a cluster of cells (OK to ‘kill’) becomes a ‘baby’ (not OK to kill) is moot. Nobody has the right to decide that for someone else?

      • KatB

        The term Pro-choice has always amused me. Surely if you’re happy for a woman to choose abortion, it means you’re ok with abortion, so I’d say pro abortion, but we can play semantics all day long and get nowhere. If I see something I think is wrong, I think I have a right to say so, more importantly, if I think it is wrong and dangerous, I think I should say something. Nobody I know of on the pro-life side would ever judge a woman who has had an abortion, it’s the act we find wrong, not the woman. I can accept that people have very different views to me, I don’t have to change my views though. There’s a certain religion out there at the moment that would like us all to forego our views and just accept theirs. I don’t want to live in a society that just accepts what’s PC thinking of the day. I think you’d be surprised to find out how much on the side of woman, pro-lifers actually are.

        • Keyser Soze

          I’m very positively pro-life as I quite like living and love the natural world I see around me. I don’t have an opinion on whether a woman should or should not have an abortion whatever her circumstances as its none of my business, does that make me pro-abortion? What does concern me is that woman’s right to make her own choice. There’s another certain religion out there that would like us to forego that woman’s choices and just accept theirs.

          • KatB

            I guess for me ultimately, killing a baby at 6 weeks gestation or at 36 weeks gestation, is wrong. I couldn’t conceive condoning the killing of a baby that if born then and there, would be healthy and survive. For me it’s not just a moral issue either. I honestly do not believe it is in the woman’s best interest. A short term fix with long term consequences unfortunately.